Hi! And welcome to my about page, where I'm supposed to tell you something cool about myself. Here's this instead!

I'm Sydney.
I'm a mom to two beautiful little siblings - Isla, who was born last August and Everett who is three.
My husband is Tyson and we've been married for seven years. I would say he's an incredible guy, but truth is, I only want him for his body.
I have a degree in Graphic Design, and with little to no exceptions, beautiful branding makes me fall in love.
My favorite food is bread. Yes, I've thought about this thoroughly, and the answer is actually bread. But the best thing I've ever eaten was a slightly cold breakfast burrito right after delivering my son.
I love being outside. Hiking, bike rides, camping if there's a good mattress.
If I had to pick a favorite biome ... hypothetically speaking here, since weirdly no one ever asks you about your favorite biome ... it'd probably be the desert.
My sisters are my best friends.
I hate confrontation. I'm like the runaway bride of confrontation.
I am compassionate, and cheerful, and sarcastic, and transparent, and my heart fills up and breaks almost every day watching my children interact with each other.
I really enjoy writing when I get some time to spend on it.
And I hope you like reading. And carefully curated pictures of me and my kids too, because there's like, so many on here.


The Egg said...

LOVE the new look Syd! You are such an inspiration in so many ways.

xo, The Egg

Sydney said...

The redesign is beautiful!! Your blog just makes me happy!

Laura said...

Hey Sydney!
I've loved your blog for quite some years and your redesign is beautiful - simple and stylish! You have been a great inspiration to me as I am a blogger myself! Stay the way you are - you're the best!
from www.lifeofacinnamongirl.blogspot.com

Darling November said...

Hey Sydney,

I've followed you for awhile and you were what started my love for blogs. You are one of a few I really love to look at. Thanks for being so honest and transparent, and not pretending everything's always alright.
Thank you.



Unknown said...

Great new look!

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