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Friday, November 15

Tis the season! For droves of family and friends to come together to eat and celebrate and gift-give in the greatest time of the year. (Yes, I know we still have to get to Thanksgiving. This year I'm just SUPER thankful for my Christmas tree.) This unfortunately, can also be a great time of stress as we pack every jolly thing we can possibly think of into approximately one month. Or if you're like me and just had a baby, you're doing that while also changing diapers and nursing 24/7. It's been my goal in this postpartum period to make my mental and physical health a priority - and it's totally paying off. I've never felt better! I've found a way to incorporate 6 intentional rituals into my regular routine and it's made a world of difference in how this postpartum season of life has felt this time around. My intention NOW, is to invite these rituals into this holiday season (which includes hosting MANY many people), hold my breath, and hope for the best. Here's what has worked for me!

1. Create a simple and effective skincare routine


I used to have a very extensive daily skin-care routine that basically felt like 20 minutes of good therapy. With a newborn, those days are now past ... probably at least for the next year. Currently, the name of the game when I'm getting ready is to feel as good as possible, as QUICKLY as possible. This usually means a quick shower, an easy, comfortable outfit, and a 3-step skincare minute. I don't have to tell you twice that Biossance can easily take care of a quick, yet super effective routine. Right now I'm loving on three super moisturizing products in their Clean Favorites Trio (a $97 value for just $58!). All plant-based, the Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream takes care of my sleepless under-eye circles, and the Vitamin C Rose Oil and Squalane + Omega Repair Cream keep my skin looking brighter and more hydrated than it should be at the moment. Each of their holiday gift kits are an amazing gift for yourself OR for literally everyone you know. Their beautifully curated Rose Radiance Trio and the Stay Balanced Duo are also both a great way to simplify your self-care routine while not sacrificing effectiveness.

2. Make time for self-nourishment

Since I'm still 5 weeks postpartum, I haven't pursued any form of exercise just yet. Instead, for the past few weeks my focus has been in self-nourishment. This is easier said than done. Sometimes, on a good day, I'll get around to doing a little meal prep to keep the fridge stocked with leftovers. That way I can still be eating well even when I need to be eating fast. (Which let's be honest, is EVERY time I'm eating.) But other times, the only real intentional food ritual I get to in a day is a cup of hot tea (an herbal brew that assists with milk production) and my small collection of daily vitamins. As most of my time and attention is consumed with the nourishment of others - mainly the three (3!!) hungry humans I've created, taking a micro-moment in the day to care for myself in this way brings me a greater sense of centeredness and helps me tackle whatever's on the to-do list that day with greater patience and grace.

 3. Create an approachable meditation ritual

Not that long ago, I was REAL solid with a daily meditation routine. I had gotten over my slight intimidation of the ritual- (was I doing it right? was it lasting long enough?) and had gotten into a wonderful and relaxing daily rhythm. It comes as a surprise to no one that ANY daily ritual can come to a halt when a newborn arrives on the scene. Newborns, of course, allow for a different kind of meditation as you study their miniature features for hours on end. But an extended meditation around yourself? ... kind of disappears. Instead, I've started to take a different approach: a one-minute meditation. Sometimes I can do it while my arms are empty, but most of the time it's when they're full of baby. But it's a full 60 seconds to breathe, to center, to tune into how I'm doing and what I need, and to reset on any negative emotion that could be bubbling up, probably due to a lack of sleep. Whether you have a baby or not, taking one minute to tune in can be GAME CHANGING for how you're feeling about your day and what's being required of you.

4. Say yes to the things that feel good and no to the things that don't

This is a simple thing to say, harder to actually execute. But it's definitely one of the greatest forms of self-care no matter what season of life you're in. Especially during the holidays. We cannot say yes to it all! As a bonafide people-pleaser, learning how to say "no" to what's not working for me is a skill that I'm still developing. But taking that one minute meditation mentioned above, is super helpful when it comes to tuning in so that it gets easier and easier to stay true to what's feeling good and what isn't. Say yes to lunch with your friends if you need to talk! And say no to a holiday party if you're not up to it! There are no rules for doing what's best for you.

 5. Take time for one simple thing that you enjoy, just because.

This one's easy. Remember what makes you happy, and DO IT. It doesn't always get to happen every day of course - we're all busy. But the more often you take part in the simple pleasures of your own life, the greater sense of centeredness you'll feel while you do everything else. For me right now? In between newborn feedings and changes, I'm re-visiting my piano days and brushing up on a very rusty old skill. They say it's like riding a bike, and I'm completely enjoying any time I can get to prove that true.

6. Let yourself sleep (when possible)

Sleep. HA HA HA. The advice I've most often received is to "sleep when the baby sleeps" ... which is great advice ... when you have one child. I don't know who else gets to participate in that sleep scenario, but for me, it's been challenging. When I DO get a chance though, I try to take it without guilt, without reminding myself of the other things I could/should be doing, and take care of myself and my still-recovering body. I heard that sleep is right up there with water in terms of what keeps our bodies functioning at their peak state. So when we can, let's self-care ourselves to bed on time, and when we can't, let's take a nap - even just 10 minutes.

I don't get to implement all 6 forms of self-care every day. High five if you do! But even just inviting 1 or 2 rituals into my daily routine is how I'm maintaining my mental and physical health during this postpartum/holiday season of life - and feeling really really good while I do. I hope they do the same for you! #Biossance #BiossancePartner


Stephanie said...

Um I am sooo freaking excited to see this post! Such a good one and I hope you write more I miss reading your blog.

Stephanie |

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