We're moving to Eastern Idaho

Monday, August 26

It's hilarious to me that this particular entry is my first blog post on here after, oh, many many moons. So much has changed. If you've been following along on instagram, then you've heard some of the story, but this will put it all in one place. You know, for posterity's sake. I would've never imagined in one hundred thousand years that I'd be writing the words that are in that title up there: "We're moving to eastern Idaho" and REALLY NEVER imagined that I would be so ready for them. At 34 weeks pregnant no less lol. I also never imagined I'd be thrilled to be the new owner of a very large chicken coop. But we'll get to that in a minute.

Last summer, we sold our home in Idaho and made the cross-country move to Georgia to pursue a business venture/adventure of my own. It was an adventure. I learned a ton. It didn't end up working for me. But I'll always be grateful that we did it. My husband and I have now taken turns following each other all over this country in pursuit of various education, goals and career opportunities, and I'm so grateful we've had each other as Home throughout all of it. This particular experience was foundational for incredible personal clarity, and a secured confidence in myself and my life purpose, and I'm grateful for that every day. 

Fast forward to around the end of January of this year, shortly after deciding to part ways with the business. I found out I was pregnant with our third. It's the only pregnancy I've had so far where I knew it was coming before it happened. This sense of knowing wove itself through me in a way I've never experienced before. I could feel my baby's presence around me before we even started trying. And then the very next month, he was there. This "knowing" carried into how we would approach our next life steps as well.

We decided to return to Boise, Idaho. (Which, by the way, we love dearly, and highly recommend for raising a family.) We knew we wanted to buy a home, but weren't quite ready to do so at a distance, so we secured a rare 6 month lease in one of our favorite neighborhoods, made the cross-country move, settled in and started looking for a permanent home.

To keep a long story short, for personal and family reasons, we began to turn our search to eastern Idaho. Raise your hand if you're at all familiar with eastern Idaho. Oh good. There's 5 of you.

Eastern Idaho. The land of Yellowstone. The land of the Snake River I spent my childhood summers on. The land of the Teton Valley (google that slice of heaven guys). The land of the snowiest, coldest winters and the dreamiest country summers. The land where we met and married. And now, the land where (whodathunk) we'd be returning to 11 years later, right in time to birth our third child. Circle of life and all that.

Approaching real estate options in this particular corner of the world was the next step. We love the good people, we love the area, we love the wide-open-spaces childhood it would give our babes. But I'm going to tell you right now that if you're looking for a beautiful, move-in ready house situation, the pickings are slim my friends. We found it particularly difficult to pull the trigger on any home. Throughout the summer, we took several weekends to look around, tour some homes, visualize what we could do with them in terms of renovation, but none were sitting quite right. After some discouragement we came across a lovely plot of land that we liked, a builder we loved, and decided that we would buy the land and build a home as soon as the builder's schedule opened up around December. We then found a house that we could lease while we waited for the build to be completed. Everything seemed to fall into place in a matter of days and we immediately stopped stalking Zillow. It was a PLAN.

Fast forward to the beginning of this month, August. Two weeks out before our move date. The woman we were acquiring the lease from, called us and apologetically asked if she could continue stay in the home that we were about to move into. I won't share her personal information here, but suffice it to say, it felt wrong to make her vacate. My gut instinct after getting off that phone call wasn't that our plan was being foiled, but that it was a pivot into the exact right situation that was being prepared for us. Like God was saying, "Great job, you've almost got it, but this is not quiiiite it." That day, I got back onto every real estate site and private facebook group I could think of to either find a home we could lease OR a home we could buy and also somehow, miraculously close on in less than 30 days. This feels like a great place in the story to insert a reminder that I'd just hit 8 months pregnant when all this was happening. hahahahahahaha.
I cried. But I trusted.

The next day,
we found it.

A home that hadn't hit the market yet when we'd been in the middle of our search. Out in the country, with big old established trees, a circular driveway, enough square footage to grow into and raise our babies for years to come, on 1.25 acres, with a treehouse, a garden, a fire pit, apple trees, raspberry bushes, a chicken coop, and a putting green for some reason. Also, the color turquoise everywhere! FUN.

Our lovely realtor took us on a FaceTime tour, and even without setting foot in it, we felt in our bones that it was the place. We placed an offer. The sellers accepted. And we set a close date for an extremely short amount of time, landing us exactly when our lease was up here in Boise. Funny how that worked.

This morning, in our boxed-up dining room, we signed the closing papers and by the end of the week, we'll be headed east to unpack for the VERY LAST TIME, FOR A VERY LONG TIME (knock on alllllll the wood). The home is a 1990's wonder and we're very much looking forward to Joanna Gaines-ing our hearts out and making it our own. But before we start knocking down any walls, it's gonna feel flipping fantastic to birth a child here sometime in the next month.

You guys won't mind a little reno content will you? ;)

Pics of the home to come as soon as I get my very pregnant body over there. Thank the high heavens for family is all I can say. Under the watchful eye and threats of my husband and in-laws, I haven't lifted much. And we'll spend Labor Day Weekend with all of them in the new place, unpacking and playing and nesting like psychos.

Next up, baby watch.


Britt D said...

woot! Give me all the Reno/new baby content girl friend!
Happy to see you back on the blog and SO excited for this next stage of your journey to unfold <3

Aggeliki said...

Congratulations! Love following you and your family adventures! Very happy for you

Milly said...

Awesome!! i cant wait to see pics and the decorating...Good Luck!

Stephanie Vainer said...

Wow! its totally meant to be and from the looks of your new home on IG it's perfect. Im excited to see everything you are going to do with it and I'm 100% down with reno content lol.

Stephanie | a learning story blog

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