Isla and I got dressed: a week of outfits

Monday, December 18

As it goes when one is three years old, Isla is very adamant about her own independence lately. For example, the other day I buckled the top straps of her carseat, before I knew how important it was for her to do it herself, and she instantly proclaimed that we were "not best friends anymore" and we were also "not sticking together." For context, when Isla is in the very loving, cuddly mood that she's in most of the time, she'll sit on my lap, rub her hands on my face and kiss my cheeks while saying that "we stick together." So proclaiming that the opposite is true, is the most fitting way her little self can think of to express frustration when I do something she doesn't like. When she tells me that we're not sticking together, it's serious.

We've been potty training for a bit now, and with her spirit of independence, it has honestly been the easiest thing ever. Anything that makes her feel more grown up, more like her brother, more like the miniature adult that she is, sign her up. Training pants that she can put on and pull up herself? Yes please. More on that in a minute.

There have been many times however, when it's been less than easy. While getting this new 3 year-old dressed, I've had to go back to her drawers because she doesn't like a particular shirt I've picked out. Or she's been on a purple shoe kick and I just don't even know why I bothered to buy her brown boots. She knows what she wants and she knows what she likes, and I love that about her, but most of the time we're running out the door with negative 5 minutes to spare and there is no time for her to not be into that blue shirt with buttons. So I came up with a solution. One afternoon, we went upstairs and went through her entire wardrobe. I pulled each item out and she gave it a yes or a no. And now, we have a medium sized pile of Isla approved clothes and getting dressed is a total. game changing. breeze. This has also resulted in going many places in her Frozen princess dress just because it brings her joy.

In honor of our newfound ease of putting clothes on our body, here is a breakdown of a week of our outfits, Monday through Friday.

- M  O  N  D  A  Y -
On her: Target shoes, thrifted skirt, Target top

This outfit was brought to you by velvet. When Isla sees velvet, feels velvet, wears velvet, she gasps audibly and congratulates herself on her great taste, so she was clearly born just in time for its resurgence. I, on the other hand, am just generally more of a cotton person.

- T  U  E  S  D  A  Y -
 On her: Target shoes, Old Navy skirt (old), H&M tee (old), thrifted jeans vest
On me: Keds sneakers (similar), Levi jeans, boutique tee, Zara blazer

I did actually slip some leggings on her before walking out the door, but she wasn't into them in this particular moment. The shirt she's wearing is Everett's old one and it delights her that she's big enough to share that kind of thing with him now. Give her all the hand-me-downs. Also just a side note, this blazer is the best thing to ever happen to my wardrobe. It has shoulder pads. 

- W  E  D  N  E  S  D  A  Y -
 On her: Target shoes, Target Frozen princess dress (old), Old Navy sweater (old)
On me: Swedish Hasbeens clogs, ASOS jeans (old), Zara tee (old), Target sweater

If you can even see the blur that is Isla, this is the infamous Frozen princess dress that she enjoys wearing to the grocery store and also church if we would let her. As you can see, it's a versatile piece and pairs well with purple velvet shoes and a cozy sweater. And if you are wondering, yes these sleeves I'm wearing get in everything, and I do not recommend any version of chick-fil-a dipping sauce while wearing it. 

- T  H  U  R  S  D  A  Y -
 On her: Converse sneakers, Old Navy jeans (old), Old Navy dress (old), Target jacket, Target hat

This jacket that Isla is wearing is quite possibly one of our favorite finds ever ever ever. It's soft and fluffy and reminds Isla of her beloved velvet and I wish there was one in my size. Why Target, why is there not one in my size. These crushed velvet boots I'm wearing make up for it a little though. When worn, we kind of just take turns complimenting each other on our respective fuzziness.

- C  A  S  U  A  L     F  R  I  D  A  Y -
 On her: tee from a boutique in Montana

Casual Friday is where we tend to thrive during the week. We really find our stride in pantslessness. We also tend to honor the spirit of Casual Fridays on more than just Friday. With Isla's recent potty training, she's pretty much content to not be dressed all the time. And I'm like, same girl. Same.
Like I mentioned earlier, potty training has pretty much been a freakin breeze with her. Most of the time she's wearing underwear but I LOVE having the option of training pants, especially when we're on a particularly long road trip or when I know we're going to be heading somewhere a bathroom is not super accessible on a moment's notice. We've been using Seventh Generation cleaning products for years and years and Seventh Generation's diapers since her birth. We're just generally big fans of the brand. Both their training pants and overnight diapers never leak, never give her sensitive skin a rash since they're all hypoallergenic, fragrance and chlorine free, and bonus, they're actually cute with their forest-loving animal prints. 
And thus concludes this week of outfits and independence. 
Remind me to tell you the story of when she refused to get on an airplane because she didn't get to hand the attendant her boarding pass by herself. 
Three is fun.

This post has been in partnerships with Seventh Generation, a brand that we love and use in our home every dang day. 


Anonymous said...

This totally reminded me of your old outfit posts. I loved it!

Chelsea said...

Do you happen to know what style Your levi’s Are? Super cute!! Love these outfit posts. Stylish, comfortable, practical to momming but looking pulled together

Katie said...

Girl, that blazer is the best thing I've seen all day!!
Loved this post with you two.

melis said...

Adorable, adorable, adorable!!

Also, your hair looks amazing. New hair tutorial pretty please??

Megan said...

Target does kind of have a grown up version of that bomber... in white and black, not red and pink. It's the women's sherpa bomber:

Megann Monday said...

Your blog is honestly still one of my favorites that I keep going back to. Although I don't read blogs as much now, I appreciate that you've kept your storytelling style, which makes it really easy to read. Love these photos of you with Isla! :)

xx, Megann

Jessica Broyles said...

Your posts are so fun! I love the story-telling feel of them. I feel like I know you and your kids, personally!

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