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Tuesday, October 3

 Shoes: Born Jeans: ASOS, Button-Up: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: Madewell, Bag: Sole Society, Sunglasses: Amazon, Hat: Free People

Ok guys. First of all, I feel like I have to thank you. For allowing me the freedom to be many things in this online space and pretty much talk about whatever floats my boat at the moment. It may seem strange to speak of clothes and personal style, universal energy, and emotions at the same time, but the more I learn, the more I understand how seamlessly they mesh together. Mainly in the sense that I've given myself permission to step out of my self-imposed blogger box and start discovering and honoring all the various passions and interests that make up who I am. All of them are part of me. And for that reason alone, they compliment each other.
So here I am with my #OOTD, also sharing the guide I just put together of everything my hippie-ish heart has been studying and implementing lately. If you've listened to any of my instagram stories about my ectopic pregnancy and how I've begun recovering from that physically and emotionally, THIS guide is basically everything that's been in my tool box. Since then, I've made a more dedicated and concentrated effort in self care, and started to gain a brand-spanking-new understanding of the bidirectional nature of our bodies, and also quantum mechanics. God is the ultimate artist and the ultimate scientist and I've loved getting to learn a little bit more about how He designed the function of this body I live in.

So! If you think it might help you, or if it interests you at all, you can find the (free) guide HERE!

Happy Reading! Oh and happy Fall too. OMG SWEATERS.


Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog for years and always enjoyed your posts. Today has a cute outfit, and I'm excited for you and this spiritual energy/emotional healing concept you've been discovering. However, I am slightly confused how you all of a sudden have an understanding of quantum mechanics? Maybe you could elaborate on this.

Eric and Jill said...

You always provide all the outfit/bag/shoe deets (thx!) But never speak of your jewelry! Gf wants to know bout Dem earrings! Are those the same hoops you were wearing in your fam photos (if not, also wanna know bout those plz!)? -Jill

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