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Tuesday, October 10

 Boots: Target, Jeans: Levi 501s, Top: ASOS (old), Sunglasses: Amazon, Hat: Free People, Earrings: ASOS, Purse: Sole Society

I hope you like berets, cause this one is gonna be here for a minute.
But that's not what I'm here to talk about.
I'm here to talk about self-acceptance.
Specifically an essay that I was asked to write for a course entitled, The Truth About Beauty, about when I accidentally started studying about body acceptance.
So, if you'd like to read it, you can FIND IT HERE.

The next thing I need to mention is about the Inside Out: 7-day self-care challenge, because we're only on day 2 over there, and HOLY MOSES. You guys. I have never been so moved as I have been by the trust and vulnerability that this community of women has shown in our group sharing. If you are in need of upliftment, of courage, of finding a truer sense of self, please join us. It IS a 7-day challenge, but can be worked on at your own pace and shared as you go, so if you'd like to join, don't worry about being behind. Plenty have signed up later.
I'm so grateful to have you, and these magnificent women in my life.
My goodness.


Unknown said...

The self-acceptance article you wrote is amazing. So many articles of that nature can sound so "preachy" and self righteous, and your piece was thoughtful and sincere, and gave me a whole other way of looking at my own body.


Shannon said...

Wish you had it somewhere other than facebook! I dont have facebook because i felt like it was such a negative place for me :( Love all this new stuff you are doing, its pretty cool to see!


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