my top favorite podcasts, books, and videos - in a guide!

Thursday, September 7

You guys, I feel so official right now. I made a guide! It's downloadable! And I'm not tech savvy and it's 3 in the morning right now, so I'm feeling mighty victorious about all of it. I guess this will be the first unofficial announcement I've made to say that I'm in the middle of building a brand new site that will be launching alongside my also new podcast (hosted with one of my closest friends, Taylor).  Lots of exciting! Lots of fun! I can't wait! And I am so tired. 

But! Back to why you're here. 
My top favorite podcasts, books and videos that are totally going to change your life
Unless they've already changed your life, in which case, hi, do you cry from shock and awe behind your laptop too?

I know I've talked quite a bit on my social media about the podcasts and books that I've been into, but I decided to finally make something concrete, that you can have, and keep, and come back to, and reference. 

And do let me know when you start listening and having those aha moments, so we can high-five each other across the internet. WE GOT THIS!


Sara said...

What?! A podcast- I can't wait!!!

Agus said...

just downloaded! thank you :)

Megan said...

Years of following many, many blogs on lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, photography, etc. and I think you might be my favorite blogger still... that said, in light of the launch of your new site, can I offer a suggestion? Please make the Daybook mobile friendly! How else am I supposed to stealthily admire your pics under my desk??

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