Let's spend 4 whole weeks together! One on one

Friday, September 8

 Hey, guess what. I'M DOING A GIVEAWAY!! And the prize is me!! lol.

Specifically, it's you and me. One on one. Over Skype, throughout the course of a month. Diving deep into who you are, and what you want, and how those answers are directly correlated with having insane confidence in your personal style and ability to build your wardrobe with purpose and intention. 
We're gonna get to the bottom of all of it! 

It's definitely out of my comfort zone to be throwing something out there that has the potential to seem a LIIIITLE diva-y, but I'm also in the thick of learning that my best life only exists outside my comfort zone, so here I am. Running a giveaway that is basically screaming, "I'm worth something!"

Which I am, dammit. And so are you. And we are capable of adding huge value to each other's lives.

So let's do it! Here's how you enter. Just fill out this survey, RIGHT HERE.
Thanks you guys, I can't wait! 

P.S. If you missed it yesterday! I made a quick guide to living more intuitively, with a list of all my top favorite podcasts, books, and videos that have flipped my world on its head lately. Download it HERE!


Anonymous said...

These jeans!! Where are they from??

Kate said...

Oh my gooosssh I hope I win. I neeeed you in my life. Slash closet.

Kaela Frame said...

Badass. Seriously. You're killing it, girlfriend. Oh how I want to win this bad boy!

Kelley said...

Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Nikki said...

Darn it! I was going to have you decorate my new house!!!

chiccarpediem said...

So lovely minimal look

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