girls week up in McCall, Idaho

Friday, July 21

Alright alright. I have now, officially, experienced my inaugural trip to McCall, Idaho. 
Since moving here, all I've heard is that I absolutely must go and see McCall because it's the best and I will love it. And now that I've seen it, I'm here to pass the message along: you absolutely must to go and see McCall because it's the best and you will love it. If you are in Idaho, and/or in the West, and fancy yourself a road trip, this is the place. My girlfriend Darlene is lucky enough to have married into a beautiful condo on Tamarack Bay, so she invited a couple of us up for a girls week. It was HEAVEN. (Thanks again Dar!!) Tyson was traveling at the time, so I brought the kids along, and they could not have loved it more. They spent every day bouncing between the pool and the beach and the paddleboard, playing their butts off. Though I told Tyson that next time I'm flying solo, so I too can childlessly jump off the dock at midnight with these other yayhoos instead of wrestling a little someone who doesn't sleep easily in new environments, *cough cough*, Isla, *cough*. 
Here's some pics!
Love these girls who can so easily bounce between the deep and the lighthearted, and also step in as the best adopted aunts to my babies.  
 Also, this happened right before we left for dinner one night. 
Not embarrassing at all, only the highest standards of cool in these parts. 
After dinner, we went over to this gorgeous flower field at sunset where we, of course, took advantage with some pictures. 
 Of this girl ... two-years-old, almost three. 
And this one who is five-years-old, almost a zombie. 
I can't remember the last time I had "official" pics with my babies, but I will love these forever Dar, thank you for taking them of us together!
Ok, now everyone go to McCall.

And for those who asked! My red swimsuit can be found HERE
My white top can be found HERE
And my jeans, that are my favorite fit of all time, and come in so many great washes, can be found HERE (I'm wearing the prince wash in this post)


Anonymous said...

so happy to see this post. i have always loved your blog, but like many, i was sick and tired of seeing sponsored posts. this is amazing, the photos are forever keepsakes, and your writing is awesome. thanks so much

Unknown said...

Love McCall, and love your photos! Redfish Lake should be a must, too - highly recommend, if you've never been! Absolutely gorgeous.

Cristy said...

Thank you for posting the link for your jeans;! Just a quick question, how do they fit? Are they pretty true to size? Just wondering if I order my size or if they seem smaller or bigger than normal. It's hard when you can't try them on. Thank you!

Tyson Harold said...

Very nice

daria said...

Sooo adorable, and fun!
Love, Sex, And What To Wear

Unknown said...

Ohmygosh you're back!! Love following you on Instagram but for sure have missed your blog posts! p.s. you need to print those flower field pics and get 'em on a wall stat! so precious! <3

Anonymous said...

I would love to see you do an Idaho travel guide!! We live in CO but my husband and I have the Idaho travel itch and don't know where to start! -Anna Castellano

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