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Thursday, April 13

If we're ever about to take the kids to go do anything out of the ordinary, ie: not the park and not the library and not preschool, we usually say something to the effect of, "get your shoes on, we're going on an adventure!" And the magic of kids is that they don't ask questions. They just bounce around in the living room, stomping their feet and yelling, "adventure! adventure!" and then we show up at Home Depot, and they're like um what the crap kind of adventure is this.
No jk, they love home depot more than the zoo I'm pretty sure.
So when we needed to go to the greenhouse to start scouting for our backyard, we told them to put on their shoes for an adventure. Isla was mainly just stoked because she's never been to a greenhouse and green is her dad's favorite color. Makes sense.
Between Tyson and my schedules, most of the time we only have evenings spent together as a family, so it feels rare that we get a day date to go out all together. Kind of a mini vacation of sorts, especially when visiting places in our town that we've never been before. We first stopped for lunch at a place called The Bodacious Pig. (Which if you like BBQ, and are ever in Boise, you should go because, yum)
 The weather has been warming up so nicely lately, we got to eat outside too.
While we waited for our food, they gave us some paper and crayons for the kids, and Isla asked me to draw a picture of Everett's face. When Everett saw my "artistic rendering" of what his face looked like, he was not pleased. So this is him tracing his face with a crayon to demo what he ACTUALLY looks like.
  (P.S. Pigtails! Barely! But still!)
Tyson trying to capture my BBQ face. Lay off me, I'm starving!
Then to the greenhouse! If you're local, you must go hit up Edwards Greenhouse, omg I will probably retire there. It is just endless canopies of green and like a hot blast of summer. Everett has been talking non-stop about getting our garden going and so he was in heaven. I tell you what, this kid. Last week he demo'd exactly how to build our garden box with his legos and then the other day I got full-on schooled about the weather patterns that create tornado's.
Going anywhere with Isla is sort of like what I imagine traveling with a celebrity is like. A celebrity who mainly attracts middle-aged women, that want to hold her and touch her and give her high-fives. And then when she obliges, they scream with delight and Isla forgets why she allowed them a high-five in the first place. It's tough being two-and-a-half with really adorable pigtails.
 The succulentsssssss!
I swear I belong somewhere where cactus grows freely in the front yard.
 And yes, Isla did find the one small trickling fountain in the entire place. Her spirit guide lead her.
The kids ended up picking out their very own tiny succulents. Everett chose an aloe plant so obviously, Isla did too. Everett loves finding those microscopic "scratches" on his body, so that he can squeeze a little fresh aloe onto them.
And then on the drive home, with the windows open to the sunny spring air, the kids fell asleep, like some sort of fairy tale ending to our afternoon. We soaked it up like a vacation. Sometimes all you need is 30 minutes with your feet out the window.

This post is in partnership with Born Shoes, who's shoes are to die for comfortable, so I can wear them anywhere and everywhere without worrying about keeping up with my babies. Tyson and I are both wearing the Bayne and Bima styles here!


Stephanie Vainer said...

The first thing I noticed was your adorable shoes! and I need a pair for summer.

Unknown said...

What happens to your white sweater + toddler? I'm afraid to wear white anywhere NEAR my 18 month old twins. Do you have magical stain repellant skills I need to know about? Do you just embrace the stains and figure you'll bleach them out later? I feel like Pigpen after a day with my babes.

Unknown said...

Your style looks so effortless and cute, especially for a day out with the kids! Love the shoes.


Shannon said...

Love the converse on your babes. We have purple high tops for my oldest and I think they are the best.

Edie said...

Girl, you crack me UP. So freaking hilarious. And also, greenhouses are my fave too.

Unknown said...

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Chichi said...

thats a good trick to try! i all suggest to my friends who are parents!

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