a very belated valentines day breakfast

Wednesday, February 22

Our family was hit with a cold like a truck this past week. First it got me, and then the kids, and the germs took us out one by one like they were actually enjoying it. As it is, there is very little that's redeeming about February. Especially a sick February and a February where my husband is gone for a significant chunk of it. But we do have Valentines Day. We have pink, and red colored everything, and chocolate, and each other. So, to make up for the fact that I was congested and consequentially unfestive on actual Valentine's Day, we had a belated celebratory breakfast when I felt like I could function without dying.
We decided on a very pink breakfast. These two are very much into food dye lately. The other day, we made four different colors of homemade playdough, and I regretted it immediately haha. (I TRY to be a fun mom I really do, but that crap is STRESSFUL.) But this was just one color, and closely monitored, so they were so excited to take turns mixing everything up.
 Some VERY pink waffles coming right up.
 And pink milk too.
With of course, our favorite milk of all time. We love using fairlife because in terms of protein, it's much more nutritionally dense (a whopping 13 grams vs. only 2 grams compared to regular milk), and it has 50% less sugar.
They were only slightly disappointed when the dye didn't magically transform the milk into strawberry flavored milk, but it was still QUITE magical.
When I served their plates up, Everett said, "wow mama you're like a chef now, we should live in a restaurant." And that's why you have kids. Because when you do only slightly above average work, they're convinced you're actually at the top of your game.
And because Everett is the special breed of human that he is, he doesn't enjoy syrup on his waffles. Instead, he prefers two fried egg whites on top, with salt.
All cut up of course, and fit just so on top of each bite. He is not sure why this amuses me so much.
Isla's more of a traditionalist.
I don't know what I did to deserve these sweet little love muffin valentines, but they love each other so much, and I am so lucky.
(My husband just read this line and said, "you married me that's what you did." So. Glad we solved that mystery. ;) )
So happy belated v-day guys!

This post has been in partnership with fairlife, a company that we use and love in our home daily.


Emily said...

Your kids are too cute! I, too, enjoy fried egg whites...I'll have to try them on top of waffles sometime. I love Isla's dress!! Mind sharing where it's from?

Anonymous said...

"And that's why you have kids. Because when you do only slightly above average work, they're convinced you're actually at the top of your game. "
Haha, love that!! You're a great mom!

Liesl said...

How cut are your little ones! Just stopping by blogland to say, hi, and I love seeing you doing so well and happy! :)

Unknown said...

wow so cute :). I love the all photos. Love you sweat ....Thanks for sharing :)
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