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Monday, November 28

I'm sure pinterest and/or our own childhood has informed us all by now of the science-y magic of milk + food coloring + dish soap. However, as of this week, I had yet to demonstrate this magic to my own children. This year Everett has expressed very strong feelings about our approach to Christmas decor. The bigger the better, the brighter the better, and if we could find him an ornament that looks exactly like Wink, that would be super. The other day, he found a neighborhood home that was strung corner to corner with yellow and blue lights, so the next day we made a 30-day Christmas countdown chain out of blue and yellow paper. This was of course after I had suggested that we make the countdown chain green and red, to which he replied incredulously, with "What? Mama those are NOT Christmas colors."
It was very important to him this year that he make his very own Christmas ornaments, so I decided to science it up while we were at it. They ended up turning out quite subtle and charming and are the perfect addition around the house and on the tree.
If you, like me, have never broken out this particular craft before, I assure you it was incredibly easy and shockingly mess free.  Here's what we used:
Watercolor paper cut into stars or whatever shape (I've heard cardstock also works well)
Shallow pan
Food Coloring
Seventh Generation dish soap
Q-tips for stirring
String for hanging
The kids took turns dropping their chosen colors around various parts of the pan
Then I dipped each of their Q-tips in Seventh Generation dish soap and they swirled the colors into each other. I've been using Seventh Generation in my home for years and love that all while being 95% biobased, with essential oil fragrances and no dyes, it works for literally everything I need it to.
They took turns dunking each of their stars and gasped every time we pulled the results out of the mixture.

We let them dry and then ran some string through the top. They were so proud, I can't wait to see them on our tree for year and years (or as long as they survive haha).
Happy Decorating one and all!!

This post has been in partnership with Seventh Generation, a company we've loved and trusted in our family for years.


Katie said...

Cute craft! I have that exact scent dish soap too and I love it!

Anonymous said...

They are soo cute!!! Doing crafts with kids is something they truly love. My 8 year old daughter when ever she really insists on watching TV and we tell her we could do a craft instead, she always says yes. Thanks for the idea! We will try it!!

astr!d said...

how you did food color crafts without getting it on their adorable clothes must make you a super hero!

Unknown said...

Very cute! I have a 4 month old and can't wait to do crafts with her when she gets older.

You could laminate the stars and then they would last longer :)

Katie said...

This is so cute!! I love homemade Christmas ornaments! I have so many I made as a kid that are still on my tree today. You kids will remember them forever!

Rachel said...

You should get these laminated after Christmas so you really can keep them for forever!! We're going to work on paper ornaments as gifts to everyone, and that's my plan. You can buy a laminator for CHEAP online.

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