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Tuesday, October 11

Boots: Børn Poly Boot, Socks: Target (old), Dress: H&M (old), Belt: ASOS (sold out), Hat: F21(old)

At some point in my life, I transferred my fall shoe selection to mostly ankle boots. I don't know why this happened. Probably Pinterest told me to. But there came a moment, almost right after my most recent ankle boot acquisition, when I had look myself in the eye and say, "enough is enough. Also those ankle boots look real dumb with that dress." So the process of adding knee-high's back into the equation meant finding a pair that was PERFECT. One that could go equally well with a dress or with jeans, not look "country" but also not too dressy, be super comfortable and also well made so they last longer than one round of an Idaho winter. Enter these babies. With their weathered suede, and warm tobacco color and hand-stitched construction. HELLO SWEET FRIEND. These might just outlive my old boots with the red zipper up the back (remember those??) There's a lot to be thankful for this season, and these are campaigning for a Top 20 spot.

 The Børn boots I'm wearing here are available at select Nordstrom retailers and at, so be sure grab yourself a pair!


Kristine said...

I have these in black and LOVE them! I love this whole look!

Christine said...

Ha! Totally went out and bought those red zippered boots because of you. And wore the HECK out of them. That and a blue gingham button down and a fur vest. #throwingitwaaaaayback ;)

Bridget KD said...

I own these boots, and they're the best! I keep stalking the website because I want them in black, too. :)

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