Happy Halloween from Wink, Purple, and Rey too

Friday, October 28

I am really not the type to make a homemade costume. I am not particularly crafty, I really don't enjoy DIY unless it's exceptionally baller, and if the pop-up halloween shops are there, I figure it's my duty to utilize them fully. So my original plan this year was to buy two little matching Firefighter costumes. That was until last week when Everett came to me with the idea to dress up as his beloved Winky. AND I COULD NOT SAY NO. Maybe because he and Wink are going five years strong and I don't know how much longer the friendship will fully last. Maybe another year or two, maybe longer. But knowing that these two will be turning five together this week, tugged on that nostalgia string juuuuuust right. And I went ahead and DIY'd the shiz outta him. My hands are still fully spray painted green.
He was so sweet, running around the whole day, sneaking peeks of himself in the mirror and dancing around with Wink. I dare say it was even a little fulfilling to see the whole thing come together so nicely, and the painting was .... fun. It was worth it, ok? I ADMIT IT.
And for Isla's costume ... when I asked her what she wanted to be, she just said that she wanted to be purple. At lunch time when I ask her if she wants a red apple or a green apple, she says that she'd like a purple apple. If you ask her what color her eyes are, she'll tell you that they're purple. And if you ask any other kid in the room what his/her favorite color is, she'll pipe up in the background with, "ME PURPLE!"

So here she is, living her dreams.
My sister Caytlyn is the creative one of our gang, but I think you probably already knew this, based on the 800 weaves, costumes and headdresses she's thrown out onto the internet in the past month or so as if it's nothing. She's very disappointed in my penchant for store bought costumes.
Here you can see just one of the costumes she made for Roo this year. A perfectly executed Rey from Star Wars.

These next few pictures light up my world, since we were taking these right after Isla had woken from a nap, and so she was still a little somber. Until ...
... she got a few leaves in her bucket. And was then pleased enough to bestow upon us this complimentary smile, almost as if to say, these leaves are totally useless to me but your donation is appreciated.
Now if it feels like there's too many pictures of kids being adorable in leaves, just let me know.
Cause I can stop anytime.
So you just tell me when.
Alright, I'll call it. 



Starr said...

Seriously the sweetest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?! Cutest costumes ever!

lindsaymarie said...

stoppppppppp. i am sitting at my desk doing this weird whimpering noise i do when something is JUST TOO CUTE TO HANDLE.

Lena said...

My almost eight year old still sleeps with her lovey and carried her to school for pajama day. When her best friend announced she had given up her baby, my daughter said, why? That was stupid. HaHA

Mara and Jae said...

your posts make me so happy. these kids and costumes are perfect!

Katie said...

That is SO sweet! My friend's kid chose to dress as a barrel this Halloween and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

this is the cutest thing !

Life is just Rosie

Bridget said...

Everett's costume is PERFECT.

Meredith said...

I'm sure you have seen this, but I must say, I think Tyson doesn't make a very good Ernest. ;)


Bree said...

Just wondering what happened to your "faith" link that used to be on your blog....? Thanks!

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