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Monday, October 3

A few weeks ago, all my siblings came up for my brother Ethan's 17th birthday. It was a super quick trip, so with the 24 hours we had, we filled it full with tacos, cake and presents, Everett's soccer game, haircuts, lunch, shopping, and then downtown to Freak Alley to take Ethan's senior pictures. Because he's a SENIOR. I'm a decade older than this kid so this has got to mean I'm due for my first gray hair any day now. Anyway, we took lots of stupid pictures and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Please enjoy them and also Ethan's modeling skillz. 

 Isla came with us for the evening, so she saw Ethan and obviously needed to give this pose a shot herself.

 All the handsome and cool. 

Chelsey's husband Stacy, also obliged us with his photography talent for the evening.
Our first pose was mafia in an alleyway. An obvious choice. 

 A man witch on his maiden voyage.

 And jumping. Always jumping. 

 We nailed every shot. 

 Including this one.

 And this one.

 There we go. 

 We also decided to test Caytlyn's squat capacity, which turned out to be over 200 lbs, no big deal.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, cross fit!

Full beast mode.

 These cute newlywed's redefining #couplegoals

So sweet.

 Props to anyone who's ever taken a successful crosswalk picture, they are harder than they look.

Love these guys. Happy birthday again, E!


Anonymous said...

Your family is the best!

Josie said...

Love these pictures! Isla reminds me of my baby. Sweet girls!

Unknown said...

I just had my first baby 8 months ago and have been scared to have another! not wanting to go through fun (NOT) labor again. But seing these pictures reminds me I have to give my little girl the blessing of siblings! Siblings are the best!

Alexas Heals said...

Al your beautiful pictures touches me very much. They are so crisp and clear I feel like I am right there with those sights and sounds around me. Keep taking them as they are very much appreciated.

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