weekend muffins

Monday, September 19

We made muffins this weekend. Not just any muffins, but zucchini muffins. I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like I grew up on zucchini muffins. Zucchini bread. Zucchini chili. Zucchini stir fry. And I'm pretty sure my birthday cakes had zucchini in them too. A big ol' backyard garden was a constant part of my childhood, and along with that came some big ol' zucchinis. My mom was always shredding them up and sneaking them into, I'm pretty sure, everything she made for us. She'd make pancakes and then slow wink at us from across the table. ;)
It's next summer's goal to get our garden up and going, but for now my kitchen has been graced by the hearty zucchini's from my sister-in-law's garden. She dropped them off, each the size of a newborn baby, along with her shredder, and we went to work. My freezer is now stocked with secret green vitamins, so if anyone wants me to make their birthday cakeeeee ...any takers? Anyone?
For this weekend's muffins, we decided to go with the chocolate chip edition, and Isla was thrilled to bits to be my helper for the whole process.
 She was also very into kissing things throughout. Muffins made with love!
We also used fairlife milk for our recipe. We've partnered with them this year and I was so so thrilled when they reached out, because we love them and they'd be in our fridge whether they were a partner or not. Their chocolate milk, especially, has been a family staple (best I've ever had). So here's the deal with their milk. Through their ultra-filtered process, it has 13g of protein per serving (!), half the sugars found in regular milk, and it's also lactose free. I love knowing that with as much milk as we go through, our kids are getting more of what's good and less of what's not.
Everett ate the whole thing like this, straight off the table, so that he would not have to touch the "messy stuff" because he's Everett. He also told me that I'm "a good mama" for making these muffins for them. That opinion changes depending on what kind of food I happen to be serving at the time, but let it be known that ON THIS DAY I WON!
If you'd also like to trick your children/ other humans into eating vegetables, the recipe we used is found here. It was a good one!

This post has been in partnership with fairlife, a company that we use and love in our home daily.


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