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Tuesday, September 20

I found this great farmers market the other day. It's sort of my thing. I mean listen, I'm not saying that I'm the best in the world at finding great farmers markets, but could I put it on my resume? Probably.
Flanked by cornstalks at its entrance, it was tucked back in the shade of some large trees, next to a trellis that used flowers as its roof. Peaches, pumpkins, and pears abounded, and I swear you could smell the tomatoes halfway down the road. It also boasted a sandbox, a swing set, and an old metal slide fastened to a tree stump. A true gem!
So first of all, I need to know how one goes about getting into the farmers market business.
Second, is it possible live in one? Perhaps, right by the peach section.
Look at that thing!
Also, this face. Maybe my favorite picture I've ever taken of her. Drenched in my chapstick, as per usual.
Everett would also like to know it's possible to live here.
Shoes: Uxibal, Jeans: ASOS, Shirt: F21 (old), Bag: Plum+Sparrow
P.S. If you're local to the Boise area, this farmers market is Wagner Farms, located right at the intersection of ten mile and chinden!


Brandi said...

Are you guys still in Boise? For some reason I thought you were somewhere else? like texas? Either way, this farmer's market looks like heaven.

Bridget said...

that slide! it's legit. no wonder everett wants to live there.

Unknown said...

This is like two miles from my house. I'll have to check it out. I guess this a perk when one of your favorite bloggers lives in the same valley.haha

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