monday morning

Monday, September 26

Shoes: Joie Dress: ASOS

Today is a Monday. I like Mondays. Because on Sunday, I usually go to bed with my house in a bit of mess. I don't necessarily do this on purpose but it's becoming a bit of a tradition. I'm using the word, tradition on purpose of course, because listen, my Sunday mess is a purposeful mess, and it needs some respect. This delightful Sunday mess of toys, and pillows that the kids dragged out of our bedroom. Maybe the scattered leftovers of a late night snack Tyson and I shared after the kids went to bed, and the pile of clothes/legos/baby dolls/mini grocery carts stacked on the stairs waiting to be taken up all at once. I like this Sunday mess. I like the day we had while creating it. And I like that I spent my night in bed with my three favorite people rather than worrying about any of it, for the obvious reasons, (i.e. our kids adorably flopping all over the place in their jammies), but also because my sheets are killer and they deserve to be truly appreciated on occasion. So here we are, with all of our piles of things greeting us on this fine morning. That late September sun is shining and we have a busy day ahead of us, starting with the pulling open of the windows and the pulling out of the vacuum, but certainly not before finding at least three otherwise invisible legos with my bare feet. Feels good.


Catherine Fishback said...

Lovely. I'm in the market for new sheets and feel totally lost. Mind sharing where yours are from?

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