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Friday, September 16

Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Jeans: ASOS, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Tee: ASOS, Sunglasses: Old Navy (in store)

This morning I made crepes for breakfast. This is a rarity as I do not necessarily enjoy the process of making crepes: cooking only one thing at a time only to have that thing devoured faster than I can make the second thing. But I also happened to make crepes for dinner last night and had left over batter so, punishment fits the crime. Once Everett had a plate in front of him, he sat down at the table, fork in hand, and proclaimed, "Mama did you know that crepes are the best thing in the world?! They are so delicious, everyone in the universe should try them." And it was very cute. Cute, and somehow also a total life lesson, having something to do with appreciating the little things, and being so happy and grateful for something, no matter how small, that you truly believe that the thing you have is the "best in the world." And this is why you have kids I guess. They force you to make crepes and then make you a better person.

Hope you get to experience something that is "the best in the world" today too. And happy weekend!


Unknown said...

Sydney, you really need to write a book! I so enjoy your writing style. With your fan base, I'm sure it would be a best seller!

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