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Tuesday, August 30

We finally took our first official camping trip of the summer in late August. So. Just a touch behind the rest of Idaho, but we're still considering it a success. Mainly because of the spot we found, which was tucked in the middle of the forest, down the road, around the bend, next to the river, and far away from any other camper.  The kids were in heaven.

This was Isla's camping outfit, which she was quite proud of knowing that Everett was benevolently sharing his old vest and boots with her. It only lasted about three seconds though, as shortly after this photo was taken, she slipped on a rock and soaked herself clean through.

After that, it was a free for all rebellion against clothes. But who needs 'em anyway when you're in the middle of the forest, down the road, around the bend, next to the river, and far away from any other camper. 

Not these guys. 

GET A TENT, YOU GUYS! (Classic camping joke.)

Then Everett found some donuts. 

However, only Isla partook because they were powdered and Everett considered them to be too messy.

But who needs donuts when you can roll in the front of a jeep for 25 ft while it gets re-parked, haha.

Look at these babiessssssss.

Caytlyn wondering if she's doing camping right.

Aw, I look so happy pouring the batter of our cherry cobbler that would soon be destroyed. Only a small portion survived the char. You bet your butts we ate it though, that middle inch was DELICIOUS.
Before that though, this batter was our only sustenance for a few hours while we got the fire and dinner together. Caytlyn looks happy in this next photo, but it's actually representative of all of us moving into Bear Grylls levels of desperation. 

The next morning we had non-burned cinnamon rolls and took a hike with our wilderness explorers.

You can almost hear the river from this picture. 

The water was fresh and clear and ice freezing cold.

And here we have a dedicated artist who saw some sticks on the other side of the river that she wanted for her weaves. So if you ever see those weaves, now you know why they are perfect.

The end. Until we meet again dutch oven.


Sharna said...

Just your general, run of the mill "keep up the good work" comment. Nothing to see here..

Truly I appreciate your posts; and I keep waiting for the day you announce that you're writing a book. I love your voice on this little piece of the internet.

Unknown said...

Haha I love this! Glad you got to experience some Idaho camping! ;)

Mary Collins said...

Where are you sandals from?

Mirat said...

Superbly appointed house.

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