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Thursday, August 25

This very first tiny and small person that I made is going to be starting preschool and soccer in a week. We'll go to his games on Saturdays and get to be flies on the wall, seeing exactly what he does when thrown on a field with a bunch of other four-year-olds and one ball. He's absolutely giddy about it, but I may be more so. It's probably the most entertaining thing I can think of.
Tonight we went to the store to pick out a backpack and school supplies for next week. I suppose I'm about a month behind literally every other mom in this town because only the "boring" backpacks were left hanging on the rack. All except for this solitary one, which was kind of hiding behind the rest. It boasts an impressive print of ninja turtles, surfing on pizzas, IN SPACE, and he thinks it's the best thing that's ever happened to him. I'd dare to say that he still would've chosen it even if he'd had many, many other not "boring" backpacks to choose from. We walked around to pick up the rest of his supplies: crayons, glue sticks, kid-friendly scissors, and pencils and it was a total dream. It's weird being here already, and I feel like I'm only able to feel cool about it right now because he'll only be going twice a week for a few hours. My dumbest fear is that he's gonna do something so awesome or say something so smart or sweet, and I'm not gonna be there to hear it. Like when he's convincing me to download a particular game onto the ipad with, "well Jesus really likes this one." Or when we're learning about how airbags work in our car, and later when he's tired and wanting to fall asleep on the ride home, he asks me to, "blow up those pillows so I can get comfy." Or when he tells me that he'll never arrest me when he grows up because "we're family and we stick to each other."
But man is he ready. And I guess I am too. To drop him off with a kiss and watch him and that ninja turtles backpack run into class, knowing he's exactly where he wants to be.
Let those little homebody wings fly!


Unknown said...

This is just too cute! I cannot believe he's 4 already! I've been following your blog for ever and seems like yesterday he was born. Wow, time is sure flying.

PS - LOVE the backpack, lol

Lindsey said...

I'm sending my 3.5 year old to preschool for two days too, and that is my main reason for missing her too! I already know exactly what she means whenever she starts spouting off about random thoughts in her head.. I'm afraid she will feel misunderstood or that she will be frustrated that others don't immediately know what she's talking about! Or all the adorable things she will say and how sweet she will be with others. But, that's life :)

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