a summer night at the hot springs

Wednesday, August 31

Kind of spur of the moment last Tuesday night, we loaded up and took a drive out into the country to take a dip in some hot springs. It was, for sure, our best idea of the week. The weather was perfect and we drove with the windows down at the request of our children. We turned up the music and laughed our heads off as we watched them through the rear view mirror, finding their own rhythm and moves while the wind swirled through their hair.
The family who owns the hot springs has lived on the land for years and years and years, and once we arrived an older gentleman greeted us on the front porch to assist with outfitting the kids with floaties and goggles, and to Everett's absolute delight, some fins...
 that were about five sizes too big. But for the walk into the pool, he worked it out. He requested that I take a "cool" picture of him, which obviously means no smiling. But he was entirely too thrilled with his look for that to last too long.
 He determinedly made it the entire way in those things. It was probably the best thing I've ever seen.
Isla, who is probably the most water prone of us all, and who is also in a fierce, "you're gonna let me do this by myself or ELSE" stage, was very keen on swimming without assistance. We're not quite there yet as the floaties are still wearing her more than she's wearing them. But this moment here is the exact point that my fingers left her little bum for a second, and you can see she is quite thrilled with herself.
The water was like a warm bath and we had the entire place to ourselves, so we played for hours, taking turns letting the kids dunk in the basketball hoop.
When the started to dip low in the sky, we toweled off and headed out in search of some ice cream, which we found obviously.
Once we were home, the kids got thrown in the bath real quick to wash off that delightful hot springs smell haha.
You guys already know that I love using Seventh Generation in our home. I just had to haul through an entire storage unit, wiping down and scrubbing off all our things, and I've been so happy using their natural and non-toxic products to do so. So the fact that they just came out with a baby care line is HUGE!!
 And also the fact that it all smells like coconut is a double bonus. The Seventh Generation Coconut Care™ shampoo and body wash is foaming which the kids were delighted by, and it made bath time that much easier.
If you're currently worried about the color of their water, fear not, that is not dirt (though sometimes I wouldn't put it past them), but few color tablets that they like to throw in each of their baths.
After they rinsed off, we wrapped those snuggle bugs in towels and rubbed them down with the Coconut Care Moisture Lotion, and got them in their jammies. They fell asleep almost instantly, and it was a highly satisfying parenting moment, laying there watching their belly's rise and fall, knowing that their sleep was surrounded with the happy memories of a summer night. Best feeling ever.

This post has been in partnership with Seventh Generation, a company that we've trusted in our home for years.


Chealsey walton said...

Wooooot wooot! hot mama! love your suit!


Sarah M. said...

Gorgeous shots :) I love your swimsuit, where did you get it??

Thanks :)

Torrie said...

This looks like a place I used to go to a few times a year when I was still in college (Maple Grove Hot Springs, in Southern Idaho). I don't know if it's the same place, but this post sure brought back a lot of good memories for me! Looks like a fun time :)

jenny said...

Such a sweet post. I love family nights like this. And I love your suit!! As a Floridian, I'm always looking for a cute one - care to share where you got it?? ;)

Desi Chhokri said...

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Bex W said...

that suit! Would love to know where you got it! And also your secret to hot mama status! ;)

Roxanne said...


Julia said...

I love this post. What a magical summer night full of happiness! I'm in North Carolina and have never been to a hot spring. I am determined to go one day!

Unknown said...

so cute! Thanks sharing this article

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