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Friday, June 10

Promising your kids ice cream on a Saturday is just the kind of normal that has given all of us life throughout these past few months. And so on a particularly errand-filled Saturday, we all piled in the car, with a promise thrown to our patient backseat riders that when all the errands were run, we would stop by an ice cream shop before heading home. At some point, we're not sure when, but after becoming un-engrossed in our own conversation, we threw a glance to the backseat and realized they'd both fallen asleep. I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but the rare instance of a well-timed car nap for BOTH your children, taken at a time when it's actually OK for them to be sleeping, is the literal hands-in-the-air emoji come to life. And a unicorn is probably born somewhere in the world too. It does not get better. We decided to use the hour to drive around some of our favorite neighborhoods and glean inspiration for which color to use on our garage door (dark, we think). When they finally woke up, fresh sleep lines imprinted across their faces, we were ready for them, having parked right across from a very charming ice cream/candy shop.
Our afternoon in pictures, shall we?
These two best buds here, leading the way. They've been attached at the hip for most of this year, so Isla's been the one to go through the biggest adjustment since Tyson has gone back to work. It's so fun for me to see them relish their time together on the weekends. And at the same time see Tyson talk about his job with so much enthusiasm and excitement. (You guyssss, what a friggin relief this last month has been!!) One of the smallest but also best perks of changing industries for him has been that his usual weekend wear is now also his Monday-Friday wear. Dockers khakis, sneakers and a comfy polo forever for my low-key guy. Which P.S. these pants are his jam right now, if your guy is in need. Athletic cut. With stretch, so there's no messing around in the comfort department. (Men and being COMFORTABLE, am I right?) Look them up and change someone's life, haha.
This is the face of someone who's mind just just exploded into 100 tiny Swedish Fish
My crew. My gang. My squad. My ying and my yang. The brigade in my parade.
Those working the ice cream counter that day actually warned us about putting sorbet on a cone, but Everett insisted because what is an ice cream experience without a cone, and I just love that I caught it right in the very moment we were warned against, haha.
5 second rule!!
Here you can see one of the latest trends in dressing yourself, according to Everett: two different shoes, worn together. Remember that it doesn't matter if one of them is too small, the mismatched colors are the most important/only element to consider when going for this look. Meanwhile these Dockers shoes that I got for Tyson, break all of Everett's color rules, but somehow ;) still maintain the cool, low-key, go anywhere, do anything shoe vibes that they both have going on there. Good sneaks are important to these men in my life.
And oreo ice cream is important to Isla.
I have no idea how we walked away from that afternoon with nothing on anyone's shirts, but I will take it. And just because, I have to do an early Father's Day shout out to this guy right here. If I had known what kind of dad he was going to be before he was one, I would have DEFINITELY considered getting pregnant like, two months sooner. (kidding, but yeah, probs) I love watching him with our babies. They are his happy thought, and it's so apparent whenever he's with them. I'm so thankful they get to know that and feel that for the rest of their lives.
Tyson's clothing in this post can be found at Dockers: Shoes HERE, Pants HERE, Polo HERE
Sending a special thanks to Dockers for teaming up with me on this post. Check out more about the brand and shop the looks I'm wearing here at


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