before sunset

Thursday, June 9

"Never despise the mundane. Embrace it. Unwrap it like a gift. And be one of the rare few who look deeper than just the surface. See something more in the everyday. It's there" -Lysa Terkeurst 

I'm not exactly a quote person. I don't have a roll of inspirational wisdom tucked in the back of my head, waiting to be pulled out right when I need it. But that right there is, ironically, the quote I happened to come across today in the exact moment that my daughter was sitting across from me, dipping her little finger in a jar of vaseline, and wiping it joyfully across the various surfaces of my face. One swipe for my forehead. One swipe for my nose. One swipe for each cheek.
My sister and I had just gotten back from a shopping trip with all of the kids, taken foolishly at the witching hour of 4pm, and it had not gone well. So we were cooling off and resettling, and I was very much in the whatever keeps you quiet portion of the day, and honestly totally happy to just sit and let Isla have her artistic way with me. So it almost made me laugh, reading those words while in the middle of a butt ointment facial.

Never despise the mundane.
Embrace it.
Unwrap it like a gift.
See something more in the everyday.

And I was like, well shoot. I'm just over here trying to survive til bedtime.

It completely changed that moment for me though. I looked at her, concentrating with her little pointer finger digging in the jar for another scoop, and watched her eyes light up as she left another swipe right across my eyebrow, just absolutely delighted with how hilarious she was being. I teased her, and tickled her and dug my smeared face into her neck, and the mundane was magically lifted, leaving in its place a tangible, memorable, me and her moment. I'll never forget it! That switch in perspective was like pressing the Easy button or something. And the ease actually continued into the evening. It was dinnertime before we knew it, and decided that afterwards we'd take a drive out to the reservoir to play and absorb the sunset. Where we didn't even think once about surviving until bedtime.

A few photos from our night:


sue said...

all of a sudden, the mundane looks pretty bloody magical.. doesn't it! thank you for sharing, you've just changed my perspective on my thursday evening on the couch :)

Samantha Jo said...

And Everett changed his shirt! Three cheers for mom wins!

Poperie said...

What a lovely pics! I can feel happiness through them.

Fran said...

Don't normally comment, but I've been reading your blog the past several years and this post just reminds me why :) Love you and your writing, Sydney! God bless

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