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Thursday, June 23

This is me in one of my very earliest moments of learning to be experimental with my hair. As you can see, my mom is rolling my bangs in sponge curlers. Or perhaps, taking my bangs OUT of sponge curlers, which was the first step before the back-ratting and then the hair-spraying. From these, my formative years, I learned that the hair on top of your head was for fun. It was for experimentation and self-expression, and was never ever to be taken too seriously, or too permanently. Step with me, for a moment, into my time machine, for a brief history of hair and also of wearing pink on picture day. First stop: 1994.

These were my five year old pictures, and I remember this photoshoot so clearly. I had a Sunday bow in my hair, and it was not a Sunday, you know what I mean? I was in my favorite dress, my prop flowers were on point, my hair was fluffed and I was 100% BRINGING. IT.

This is another photo from that same 5-year-old photoshoot, just to really illustrate the versatility of my hair vibes that year. This style is definitely more “me, at home with a rose.” I actually have no idea how my mom made the miraculous transition from a soft wave look to the high pinned curls that day, but I remember holding the pose, and her coming up to me with a brush in her hand to place the final hairs into place and I honestly felt like the most beautiful person in the world right then. Which makes me happy for 5-year-old me.
One year later in 1995, Dinglehoppers were my go-to look throughout first grade. Oh have you absolutely no idea what Dinglehoppers are? They would be those plastic balls in my hair. It’s what we called them, I don’t know why.

Fast forward to 7th grade and we can see that middle school is kind to no one. But here’s the thing. I loved the way I looked in this very picture at that very moment. Look at the painstaking efforts that I put into my hair that morning. I had no make-up at my disposal, and my teeth were covered in braces, but I DID have my hair. You can see the comb marks left where I had brushed it back and secured it tightly, leaving a little bit of hair out to deliberately drape over the top of my head. And then the Nancy Drew flip, topped off with, I don’t know, 18 spritzes of hair spray. I mean, I knew it was picture day, and this was ME.

The next year in 8th grade, I gave a perm a shot and also started plucking my eyebrows. I was confident that these were the best choices for my life.

Then at 16, I was finally given permission to both, wear mascara and dye my hair. (And also continue plucking my eyebrows.) This opened up a whole new world of fun for my DIY spirit. My first box of dark chocolate brown was a total hit in my book. I was a super dark brunette (sometimes black) for the rest of my entire high school career, and felt that I had discovered the color that I was always born to have.

THEN I discovered blonde. Or more accurately, I discovered roots. And that no matter what you do, light brown roots are neverrr gonna look good coming in against dark brown hair. Blonde on the other hand…. I could be a little bit more lazy with blonde. And for some reason, I also felt that I could more easily embrace my natural wavy texture with lighter strands.

Five years laterrrrr … I went brunette again. I had recently had Everett and the changes brought about by my first baby made me want to go back to the dark brown I knew from my teen years, so that maybe, in a way, I could start to feel more like myself again. It did work, and I loved it at the time. I was so glad that I had it there as something I could control and change and use as a tool to identify more with myself again.

When the ombre trend showed up, I used the opportunity to become every hairstylist's worst nightmare, and try the trend at home, with a DIY box of color like the olden days. I was actually pretty dang pleased with how it turned out for a first go!

And THIS is what a DIY dark hair + ombre dye job looks like after about 8 months of fading out. It took on a reddish hue, and also some giant humidity waves that I came to embrace after a liiiiiittle taming haha

After a while, my hair grew out and I ended up trimming the ombré out, but the reddish hue stayed. Maybe it was my second pregnancy?? But my usual cool-toned roots didn't show up for quite some time after that. Observing my hair during my pregnancy made me consider trying an ACTUAL red for the first time ever. But then I had a newborn and had to stick with something more low maintenance

And this, as we know, is what my hair color looks like now. My reddish pregnancy hair went away so I grew my cool-toned roots out and bayalaged the ends. It's a look I think I'm going to keep around until I'm AT LEAST 70. It feels like me. Plus I've got two kids and no time for roots, but always time for a little blonde! 

Dove Hair recently put out this really great video (which you can watch here) in an attempt to broaden the definition of beautiful hair, break down beauty standards, and encourage the idea that nobody but you decides what makes you feel beautiful. 

To spread the love across social media, they’ve started #Loveyourhair so that everyone can participate with photos of their own beautiful hair and break down these expectations/barriers together. Dove Hair also launched a community board on Pinterest as a place to gather diversity and inspire each other. 

While delving back into my personal hair archives, at times I feel tempted to cringe. Maybe it’s just me or maybe that’s a natural reaction to going back and reliving your own evolution. Or maybe it’s just middle school. But I’m also hit with huge waves of nostalgia and fond memories. For every time I cut, colored, permed, and experimented with my hair, I was being myself in that moment. I have a fully documented series of me’s, with each look representative of a very specific time in my life. I appreciate being given that freedom to experiment at a relatively young age, and now, over a decade of hair experimentation later, I feel happy and weirdly grounded to have settled on a color that feels like it’s going to stick around for a looooong time. 

This post has been in partnership with Dove Hair and the #LoveYourHair campaign. To learn more, visit here!


Unknown said...

Love it! I had some seriously bad hair cuts/styles in my day. Long, frizzy hair past my bum as a child, bad perms, chunky highlights...you name it. Oh, and badly plucked brows! lol. This took me down memory lane. Thanks for sharing and love your current hair style!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Do you use extensions? Your hair is sooo long!

Josie said...

This post made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

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Katie said...

God bless you for sharing your school photos with the entire internet. I am not that brave ;)

Julia said...

I so enjoyed this post! You always get me laughing out loud. I absolutely love that you felt like the most beautiful girl in the world during your 5 year old photoshoot :)

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics :)

Jillian - www.cupofcharisma.com

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