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Tuesday, May 31

The kids and I flew down to my see my parents in St George on Thursday morning at 6:30AM. Everett loves flying. Loves pulling his roller luggage. Loves loading all his stuff into a bin while going through security. Loves taking off, and having his own tray table, and experiencing particularly bumpy landings. The night before our flight, when my alarm was set to go off at 4AM, Everett was so excited that he didn't end up falling asleep until around midnight and then woke again at 3:30AM to inform me that it was "enough sleeping, time to go." Which is completely unheard of from a little man who adores his sleep like he's some kind of a teenager. The previous afternoon, we had prepped for our trip with a quick stop to the gas station so they could each pick out one treat to have on the airplane. They both ended up choosing those weird little bottle shaped suckers with the candy powder attached on the bottom (remember those delightful things??) which they adorably coordinated so that they could both try the two different flavors they wanted. I put Isla's in my bag, but Everett wanted to keep his. I told him that he couldn't eat it until our trip, and that it was ONLY for the airplane. He said he knew. And have you ever heard of that experiment where they put a kid in front of a marshmallow or something, and then tell that kid that if they DON'T eat the marshmallow while sitting there for a while, then there will be an even better treat later on? And then the kid is left alone in the room and you find out what kind of willpower they have?
Well if Everett was that kid, Everett would not eat the marshmallow. What he would do, is hold it in his hand, inspect it, turn it over several times, tuck it in his pocket, carry it around all day, sleep with it, wake up with it, eat breakfast with it, and then put it in his pocket again until he knew that it was time to eat it.
This HERE, is the exact moment when it was time to eat it.
We boarded the plane, and after he buckled his seat belt, the bottle pop made its way out of his pocket. We started taxing out to the runway and the bottle lid came off. The engine blasted and we started racing down the runway and he sits there, holding it ... waiting. The second we hit the air, he dips his sucker into the powder and the first lick was in his mouth. Like, black belt levels of willpower and exactness. I hath birthed the most fascinating human and am delighted by him daily.
Here we are on our layover, I believe around 7:30 in the morning. I looked at our little trio in the bathroom and reminisced on the days when I would lay my clothes out the night before traveling, and also shower. Now it's velcro shoes and stretchy pants and after a day of travel I tragically discover that I've had the sticker seal from a package of wipes stuck to my shirt all day.
Here we have one of the morning's many time-passing activities. Even though this was my first time flying with both of them alone, it was basically the Mary Poppins of trips. That is to say, practically perfect in every way. Cause listen, you know I'm going to tell it to you straight. But they were actual angels. Simply happy to be there, doing something new and exciting, even without sleep. I even had this guy come up to me and comment on how well behaved my kids are. And what I really wanted to do right then was have a moment with him like, "Seriously, right??? Can you get a load of these two?? They're on three hours of sleep right now and no one is crying. I don't get it, but high five!"
But I didn't. I just took the compliment as if it had everything to do with me and I actually had total control over my children's behavior.
Then. To maintain our status quo while waiting for our second flight, we rode on these things 800 times, washed our hands 200 times and rode a forgotten corner elevator 300 times. Those are exact numbers.
Finally, right before we boarded, Isla gave in and fell sound asleep. I loaded her into the stroller and then sat on the floor while a sleepy Everett rested against me and we waited for our turn. The guy manning the desk at the gate leans over and says to me, "hey lady, you want a head start?" So I'm officially old enough to have been Hey Lady-ed now. Feels good. Two thumbs up. Would recommend the experience to everyone.
And that was our morning! Thank you for joining me for this thrilling recap. Do come again.


MK said...

Oh my, these kind of posts of yours make me want to have kids, like NOW. Everett just seems like such a cool little dude.

And I've been "ma'amed" quite a few times in the last year. I don't mind it at all! Mid-late twenties is where it's at.

Unknown said...

Oh I loved every second of this. I'm so impressed by Everett's will power. Plus you look beautiful in stretchy pants and velcro shoes!

Juli said...

THANK.YOU!!! I truly love reading your stories - keep them coming :-) Have a lovely day, Julia

Katie said...

Sounds like the perfect flying experience! (Which means it's never gonna happen again ;))
I loveee when a cute guy addresses me as 'lady,' for some reason. It's casually intimate, or something. I dig it.

Rosalina said...

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