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Thursday, March 10

Shoes: Target, Dress: Free People, Leather Jacket: Old H&M

(She wanted to get her picture taken too. :) All in favor of Isla spearheading the outfit posts from here on out, say I)

Nobody ever tells you that having a second is just like having a first. Sure you know what you're doing a liiiittle bit more, but I mean. It IS your first all over again. Your very first time with THAT baby. That person. And that particular set of triumphs with every passing month. What everybody does tell you is to not compare your kids. Don't compare them whatever you do, gosh darnit, that will ruin everything, don't you do it. Don't compare their personalities, don't compare their milestones, and don't for one instance compare their strengths and weaknesses, or else.
I generally try live by that rule. But you guys, it is a constant effort. And so much harder than I thought it would be. There have been many many times when I've opened my mouth to say, "woah did you see what she just did? I remember Everett ... uh ....zzziiiiiiphgth!" And I have to just let my sentence trail off into the air. So verbally, it's a work in progress.
Mentally, it's pretty much a straight up lost cause.
I just adore how opposite they are. I'll never get over it!
I loved my warm, serious, observant and careful 18-month-old Everett. A boy who was the exact opposite of an attention and performance oriented personality, and preferred for me to help him with his clothing and food up until, I don't know, recently. haha
And I love my fiercely independent, fearless, opinionated, bright and sunshiny 18-month-old Isla. A girl who loves to dance and sing in front of everyone and gets quite upset if she doesn't get to put her own pants on by herself and use her own fork at the dinner table.
 I love observing them in their differences. And also in their sameness.
 With their strong stubborn streak, a signature belly laugh that's always quick to emerge, and a love for each other that I hope to heavens lasts a lifetime and longer.
 Those things are my big fat cherry on top. And wrong or not, I'll probably be acknowledging them in my head until the end of time, praying every day I don't ruin the good thing they have going on here.


Carey King said...

Have you read the birth order book? its by the same guy who wrote sheet music (not sure if either ring a bell) anyway I started reading it the one day and so much of what he wrote made sense- about how our personalities are effected by our birth order. I know its not all that but its really such a fascinating read, think I'm going to actually get it instead of reading it whilst at the book store coffee shop haha.
Also- I SOOO hear the no comparing thing, my parents had my older brother and I and then waited 7 years and had my younger brother and sister and they used to compare all the time like "Carey and Rory were never this loud" etc. They never did it to be mean I think they were just entering their 40's feeling overwhelmed, but it really used to effect them. Im glad I read this though cause its def something I want to rememeber!! Also flip what a cutie!! Crossing my fingers and toes that baby no.2 is a girl haha.

adina said...

you two are lovely! mom&daughter fashion posts should be a thing from now on!

Unknown said...

I love your heels! they're gorgeous!

xx Angie |

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