flashback friday, easter edition

Friday, March 25

These photos are from our Easter last year, spent in St George while Tyson was in Austin. I have no idea whyyyyyy they were left to sit on my computer for so long. But I just rediscovered them the other day and I figured that since Easter is (already!!) this weekend, a throwback post was most definitely in order.
My family has always had this wonderful tradition of getting up on Easter morning before sunrise, wrapping ourselves and our sleepy children in a bundle of blankets, packing up a big box of donuts and a thermos of hot chocolate and driving to the highest point we can find to watch the sunrise. There have been several Easters in between leaving home and having kids that my alarm would go off in the dark morning and I'd look outside with a, "Nope. Not today Easter" and go right back to sleep. So I've always admired my parents dedication to the tradition every year that we were growing up, hauling their kids, big and small, out of bed and reading the Easter story to us around the comfort of a delicious donut and a beautiful view.
Last year was our kids' first experience with the tradition and pulling their warm, sleepy bodies out of bed to go start our morning on top of a bluff, was actually, completely worth it. So without further ado, here's a bunch of photos of my babies from a year ago that's about to bust my nostalgia wide open.
Just look at this 3-year-old morning faaaace
And this little 8-month-old chub
And his very first OFFICIAL, *I know what I'm doing*, Easter egg hunt.
And this chubby, pink bunny of my dreams
Well that just did me in.

Happy Easter weekend you guys! May your children wear bunny ears and stay little for a very long time.


Amie said...

Sweet memories!

Jambuff said...

I was wondering if you could give a couple tips on nursing and clothing. I'm finding it difficult to find clothes conducive to nursing not at home. Usually wearing tank tops under shirts. Do you have any pointers, tips or tricks?

Jordanecdotes said...

Love this tradition of yours! I might just have to try it out on my family next year! Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

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