a solid life plan

Wednesday, March 2

 there was once a boy
who never wanted to get bigger
 four was his favorite
and four, he announced, he would stay
 and when it was mentioned that, someday, his sister would grow bigger and be four like him
 he simply said no
 because his sister is a baby, you see
and a baby sister is his favorite sister
 so let it be known, and make no mistake, this boy and his sister are going to be little forever and ever
him and her and Peter Pan


Monica P said...

After watching them grow up on this blog, I'm totally okay with them not getting any bigger.

Nicole said...

Just beautiful.

Emily D. Hawkins said...

So sweet. I can't believe how much they are both changing! I've started sharing my own little bits of parenting on my own blog!

Wishing you lots more quotable conversations with your littles and times cherishing their smallness today! <3



Unknown said...

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