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Monday, February 29

My favorite thing right now is Isla in the morning. Aren't babies grand in the morning?? Their little puffy sleep face, all happy and content, eager to start the day strapped to your hip like a little koala bear while you both hunt down breakfast in your bedhead. That glorious hour when clothing is optional, and squishy thighs are not.

Neither of my kids have ever been ones for clothes. In fact they barely leave their towels on right after bath time. Once they're free from my grasp, they drop em and run, bolting into the hallway, looking behind them with a giggle, knowing they've escaped the clothing wrestling match for at least another minute. I pretend to be beside myself, as I yell an exaggerated "heeeey!" after them, which only sends them bounding around the corner in a fit of laughter and pattering bare feet. They are each others' partners in crime in that moment and I relish in it.
So many times I look at them and marvel at how big they're getting in only such a short amount of time. But in those moments, when they're running free through the house, trying to escape my grasp while I chase them around with a diaper and a pair of underwear, they seem to be at their very littlest. I'm nostalgic for it, even as I experience it. 
Although in all its greatness, I will admit this ritual once ended after Isla had an accident during one of their diaper-less laps, and they both hit the deck in it. Ahhhhhh, memories.

Note to self: strap on the diapers one minute sooner.

I don't know if it has been the change in climate or what, but as Isla's gotten older, her skin has seemed to grow increasingly sensitive. It only took one seemingly endless rash for us to realize that the chemicals that were sitting on her tiny bum from her previous diapers needed to get lost. Seventh Generation was the first thing we reached for. Knowing that their diapers are sourced responsibly from safe and effective plant-based products made the choice easy. It was instantly effective on her sensitive skin. Her rash cleared up immediately and has stayed away. I was a little worried about the absorbancy of a natural product, but they're so good, we haven't even needed to use "night" diapers.

Their new "protection for all™" designs are so sweet. The tiniest little animals - working as a reminder to protect all the families that share this planet. Seventh Generation free and clear wipes are also a household staple - completely free of fragrance, dyes, parabens, phthalates, and are also plant based, which makes her leisurely carrying them around and wiping down her whole body (this is a thing) completely worry free.

Our sweetest, softest, smartest girl. I'm just so endlessly thrilled at our kids' baldness and general tendencies towards staying at the lower end of the growth chart. They're basically perma-babies for the first two years and for that I am grateful, and will embrace it with as little clothing as possible for as long as possible.

This post has been in partnership with Seventh Generation, a company we've loved and trusted in our family for years.

* photos shot in borrowed space while we are in a transitional phase. Looking forward to being surrounded by our favorite pieces of home again very soon!


Grace said...

Do you have any plans to post a house tour? These little glimpses of your home are absolutely lovely - I love all the neutral textures!

Chealsey walton said...

she is precious!!


Unknown said...

Cannot believe how BIG she is now!! Super sweet..

Also, dying for a home tour since yall moved! Needing some inspiration for our new home and so love your style!
I mean, that rug?! Dreamy.

Unknown said...

HOUSE TOUR!!! What I see is awesome and makes me want to stickybeak some more ;)

Love this blog!

EmilyandStephen said...

"I'm nostalgic for it, even as I experience it." This describes so many parenting experiences for me! I have to consciously tell myself, just enjoy it instead of being sad for its eventual end! I just want to be a sponge and soak it all in and never have my memory fade.

FromGemWithLove said...

I haven't been on your blog for a while and I didn't recognise your sweet girl without all her baby rolls. She's grown up so much since I last checked in! She is looking more and more like her brother and Papa! Hope you are all well.

PaigeFisher said...

I'm loving that rug!! Where is it from?

cndolo said...

I NEEEED to know about that rug!

James said...

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