my 27th birthday, which was actually a month ago, but who's keeping track

Sunday, January 31

Oh hi! Greetings from a Sunday morning. I know it is rare to be blogging on a non-bloggy day such as Sunday, but I say, when the mood strikes and the morning light hits the computer desk just right, it's better pounce while the gettin' is good. I'm here today to document an absolutely brilliant birthday weekend. Two weeks before I knew this birthday weekend was going to happen, I decided to sleep train sweet, tiny, 17-month-old Isla, whose bald head allows her to easily pass as a 7-month-old that has learned to run prematurely.  It's very fun taking her anywhere. Isla is still breastfeeding. And my goal in sleep training her was not to give that up, but to try out an exercise in self-care. Our routine before sleep training had me tied to the house every evening, on call every hour, with boobs ready to rock should she wake up and need to be nursed back to sleep; still nursing 3 times a night on a good night and 5-6 times a night on a bad one. So. As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to sleep train her, and it was the best choice ever ever EVER. I can't even tell you! I like, might actually be able to blog again now! That is, when I'm not busy reading, napping, catching up on Hulu, taking long uninterrupted showers, watching the Bachelor at my sister's house, and dating my husband. I'm so much NICER now, I have to say.
So back to this brilliant birthday weekend. I turned 27, and the stars aligned and my family came together for an unusually hyped up birthday celebration. My sisters came up for the weekend and bought my movie tickets and dinner, my dad got us a hotel for the night and my mom had chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room the next morning and bought us breakfast at THE BEST little nook of a place downtown. That night in the hotel, I was telling my sister that I had no idea what was going on and why in the world birthday #27 would negate such a magical celebration out of nowhere. She said it was her theory that they had all finally realized how much a birthday so close to Christmas had sucked and had finally decided to make up for it. And I have to say it did the trick. It totally made up for all those birthdays that my friends could never come to because they were celebrating New Years Eve with their own families. It's hard when you're turning 12 and your life is tragic.

Anyway, shall we?
 Here we are post dinner and movie/post laughing our butts off the entire night.
I went to bed at 3am that night and felt like napping for a year the next day.
 The next morning, we brought our little sunshines to the hotel with us to hang for the day.
 And the aforementioned chocolate covered strawberries before they were demolished by young and old alike...
When it came time to eat, we were idiots and waltzed right into the most popular breakfast place in town on a Saturday morning without a reservation. So we wandered the rainy streets for a bit and killed an hour in a little bookstore.
 It was an hour well spent, we were actually rather glad for it.
 Goldy's was DIVINE. Cozy, friendly and warm with comfort food coming out their ears.
I'm typically a sweet over savory person when it comes to breakfast. But this time I could not resist their savory side. BEST BACON OF MY LIIIIIIIFE.
 After breakfast, we found an alley that served us well for a group shot. Yes, that's a trash bag. Yes, we used a dumpster instead of selfie stick. Because we're WINNERS. Totally.
 Oh yes, and then we went to Lush, just for SNIFFS and giggles. *BA DUM TSSSS*


Audie said...

My husband eats at Goldy's after he plays hockey on Saturday mornings and raves about the food. I have yet to eat there. I'm thinking he needs to stop going with his hockey friends and take me!

Annaliese said...

please tell me how you sleep trained. 14 month old still eats/sleeps like your daughter. Help!

Caylie said...

Aw, what a fun time! Loved this post. Happy birthday!

cynthiab said...

I am trying to sleep train my 10 month old who LITERALLY nurses the night away causing me to be tied down as well in the evenings. What method or how did you choose to sleep train?

Katie said...

I love how as mom's we give ourselves gifts like sleeping training, transition to the crib, new swaddle type gifts. ha!

Love your wit. Seriously, keep it coming.

adina said...

hi sydney! please share your sleep training program! my daughter is 11 months and nurses to sleep most of the times.

Lisa said...

Another vote for a post on sleep training!!

Leigh said...

Goldy's is the best! They're puffy oven pancake can't beat anything else!

CoRo said...

Almost went to Goldys last time I was in Boise and now super bummed I didn't end up going! I am so happy you have your nights back! It's the best ever!

EngineeredPerfection said...

Happy Birthday and welcome back! I thoroughly enjoy your blogging and your stories and your cute little family. So glad to see you again!


Justin L. Brown said...

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