this year's family christmas pictures + card!

Friday, November 27

Oh my gosh you guys. Family pictures.
You know, there should really be a Family Pictures Fairy something. Very similar to the Tooth Fairy. Except upon completion of family pictures, the Family Pictures Fairy would appear with a boom box rigged with the Rocky theme song in a show of solidarity and announcement of triumph. Are you getting this vision?

In a very last minute decision to actually get our crap together for Christmas this year, I reached out to Victoria Greener last month, and she was kind enough to work a quick mini session into her busy holiday schedule. (Thank you Victoria!) The day that we picked ended up being reallllly cold for the kids, because of course it was, so walking away from the shoot I was sure that we had gotten exactly zero decent shots. But because Victoria is truly a miracle worker, I was proven wrong. Everett's face cracks me up in most of them, because he is just so over it, but you know what I don't blame the poor kid, and this is four-years-old after all ... these pictures will help us look back and remember that solidly. ;)

These last two photos are my favorite because they were the very last ones we took, and Everett was deeeesperate to be done. So we bribed him with the Pez that were waiting for him in the warm car, if he could just muster ONE MORE SMILE. And this is the result. The gerbil-iest of gerbil smiles. But we will take it! haha

And now, I hope you'll excuse me for just a sec while I brag, but DUDE THESE ARE OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS. The day after Thanksgiving!! As in, before Valentine's Day. I'm blowing my own mind right now.

It's so fun comparing this year's Christmas cards with the photos that we used for last year's. This is Isla's first appearance on a Christmas card in an official capacity, and watching us go from one tiny Everett + a gigantic belly, to a grown up set of siblings in just a year is insane to me. Makes me wonder what next year's card will look like. (Spoiler: there won't be a belly. ha!)

This year, I designed our cards with Shutterfly, and have been SO completely happy with the results. The colors were printed with accuracy, the design options were beautiful with tons of room for customization, and I was so pleasantly surprised on the turn around time from design to delivery. We also chose to print ours on a paper with a light sheen to it, and I ended up loving the result. (P.S. Everything is 40% off RIGHT NOW)
It was tricky to decide on only one card for this year, so we decided to go with both the framed holiday card, and the shimmering script card! This tri-fold, year-in-review card was also a favorite, but if I'm being totally honest, on the night I was putting these together, I could not for the life of me come up with enough stats and cool facts to fill the card in. *hides face in shame* One of those nights. One of those years.

Boom shakalaka. I'm loving this feeling! I should do this every November.
In conclusion, 
it is my pleasure to officially welcome you to Christmas season.
Let's do this.

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Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful! Blessed family. :)

Unknown said...

Your family is STUNNING! and the hat on the baby was almost just too much. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Marin Elizabeth said...

Your family looks gorgeous. Happy Christmas!

Unknown said...

O M G aren't you fabulous, love each and every pic....oh wait that one and that one and that one!!@!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! And go you for getting those cards done so early. Now if only you could share all your clothes sources - please!

Obsessively Organic said...

Sydney! how pretty <3 Tell me you are wearing false eye lashes here! And where did you get them and how did you apply them to beautifully?! tell me your ways, seriously ;) You all look so happy and beautiful. happy holidays to you, too.

Agus said...

your family is beautiful!

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