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Wednesday, September 16

Shoes: H&M, Jeans: F21, Tee: Target (old), Plaid: F21, Hat: F21

 Sometimes I look over at my husband when he's like, soooooooo happy and pleasant and sunshine-y first thing in the morning cause he just woke up from the best nights sleep ever, and I sort of want to kill him. I think to myself, WHY AM I THE FAVORITE? Why am I the one the kids love to leave their beds for? Why am I the one they wake up to get their drinks at night? Why am I the one they flop on, and roll over? Why do they fall back asleep directly on top of MY head. 
I mean, their dad's head is RIGHT. THERE.

But then again.

I am the favorite. 

And because I'm the favorite, I'm the one who's woken up by Isla. So I'm the one who gets to witness Isla roll over and play with her brother's still-sleeping face. And in turn, watch that brother roll over and put his arms around his sister, and with his eyes still closed, groggily muster out a, "I love you too Isla."

The job has its perks.


LynnzyP said...

Its Hard work being the favorite, Sometimes i feel like the hubby and kids made a deal that they never wake him up and he will always give them what they want HAHAHA. But seeing them happy to see me makes it all worth it!

lindsey said...

This is really perfect and 100% true. I read somewhere recently where a woman was literally crying herself to sleep because her child preferred the dad putting her to bed. I was thinking, "this has to be a joke because I would be crying happy tears and either going straight to bed or to a relaxing book if this happened in my world!!"

Alas, it is not. :D You're in good company!

Molly said...

You are beautiful and have such a way with words - putting things so simply yet eloquently. I am not a parent but you make it easy for me to imagine moments like what you describe.


hannahannah said...

You should do a hair tutorial! I literally try to fix my hair like yours all the time, but I CANT. It's either super curly curling iron unnatural curls or just natural wave lame sauce. Help meeee.

Unknown said...

Love the hat and the classic fall look!

Vogue & Vintage

Anonymous said...

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