the final countdown

Monday, September 21

Us in the last of the summer. 

Sitting here with a bowl of freshly canned peaches that I had absolutely nothing to do with, except for the fact that I'm eating them, I feel the need to document this moment of greatness. No, not this moment with the peaches, although they are supreme, but indeed, the moment of greatness that is *dot dot dot* nearing the end of the great/terrible year of the threes and reaping the rewards thereof.  In fact, we are only one month out from the fours. And there is a light people. There is a light and I'm walking toward it.
My reward? Mainly? Is that Everett has quite suddenly and sweetly transformed into a walking fountain of I love you's. It's, "I love you mama" when we're holding hands on a Sunday afternoon walk. And, "I love you mama" when we're about to sit down for dinner. And, "I love you mama" when we're in the middle of watching a movie. In addition! Not only do I get a "I love you mama", but I get a, "you're my best friend" too, when it's the middle of the night and he wants to sleep in my bed, because he's a master of the system and knows exactly what he's doing.
I don't know exactly what this means, in terms of projected outcome for the year of the fours. BUT I HAVE HEARD GOOD THINGS. AND I AM CROSSING MY FINGERS. And if this is a sign of what's to come. Man you guys, I am seriously so excited.

Cheers to the last month of three, with its bitter (because he's getting so big) but mostly sweet (because he's getting SO BIG).

I love you Evs.


Mercedes said...

This is my Meadow! She just turned 3 last Monday and I am her world and I love it! Hearing "Mommy I love you!" and "Mommy you're my bes fwend!" over 100 times a day will never get old. I just want her to stay this age forever! :) Enjoy mama.

Samantha Jo said...

I am a newbie to the threes and so far, they are challenging me to my core! Enjoy those fours, and let me know if they're as good as promised! ;)

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