the dry farm in idaho

Tuesday, August 25

Can you believe this view? CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT? Behind the lens that took this photograph, was me, trying desperately to be a sponge. To memorize that view and melt it into my brain. To soak in the warm summer air, allergies and all, and just be. My aunt and uncle have built an oasis, referred to as, the dry farm, in the hills above the snake river valley. That dry farm has been a part of many fond childhood summer memories, but I hadn't been back in years, until the beginning of this month when our family plans miraculously converged, and we were able to spend an entire week in Idaho's green country together.

Please excuse me while I cry through these photos and google time machines.

Sun worshiping, being super cool, etc ...

This is Isla's thing right now. She cheeses so hard you can barely see her eyes, and then she turns to everyone in the room individually so that each person can partake of her cheese. At this moment it was Everett's turn.

And finally, here we have evidence that I will cave to peer pressure. Tyson was beside himself that I picked up a gun when he wasn't around to witness.

You guys, take me back.


today my way said...

I wouldn't mind being taken there with you, Sydney. What a place, gorgeous views.
My inner travel detector has been activated xx

Lacey said...

Gorgeous pictures! Where in Idaho is this? I grew up in Hagerman, right beside the Snake River, so I wanted to see if this was anywhere near there.

Maybe some far off chance our families know each other. :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad to see another post! Love reading your blog, Sydney. You really inspire me, and I'm sure so many others. There's a light that shines through you (even through a computer screen!) You seem like you would just be a joy to be around. Thanks for sharing that with us :)

Lindsey @ Brushing our way through life said...

I love Idaho's scenery! I grew up in the Treasure Valley and now live on the East coast. I can't wait for the day to move back to God's country!:) I hope your day is going great!


EngineeredPerfection said...

I know right where this is! I grew up really close to here, in fact we used to four wheel along the Snake River right there. It's incredibly beautiful (especially in the fall). Definitely one of the prettiest places in Idaho.

Kind of jealous right now... Hope you had a lovely time!


Care said...

Haven't been to your blog in a while an I can't even imagine why :)

Can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! Love the views... such a fun and beautiful time!
Stay blessed!

Julianna said...

I'm from Idaho but I don't think I ever thought it was beautiful there until I saw these pictures. Breathtaking!

katygrant said...

Idaho is the west's best kept secret. Everyone's all about Washington and Oregon and Colorado, but Idaho is definitely my favorite. I'll be lucky enough to live there one day (hopefully soon!)

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