I went to Austin and only took two pictures. But hey! The grand canyon

Tuesday, June 16

Are you ready for this? You're about to OD on a crap load of pictures of the Grand Canyon.

But first, this. Us in the middle of west Texas.
Last week, we took nine days and drove to Austin, with two objectives. To watch Tyson walk across a stage and celebrate his well-earned Masters, and to move him out of his depressing, single-guy studio apartment. You guys, round trip to Austin is 2400 miles. 2400 miles, spent mostly between two car seats, and I'm still alive to tell about it today because miracles are real.

The graduation ceremony was moving and inspiring and beautiful and I, with the help of our wonderful friends, wrangled my children long enough to be able to sneak just one picture of the moment Tyson was being congratulated by the CEO.


Just kidding, I got another one. But is my timing impeccable or WHAT.


Happy Graduation babe! I love you and you're amazing.

We spent a few days in Austin, eating our way through the city, spending time with friends and sweating a lot. BECAUSE SO MUCH HUMIDITY. (Which was always plentiful in Virginia during the years we lived there, but after six months in the desert, I'm a dried-up humidity grinch now I guess.)

After packing everything up, Tyson locked the door of his apartment for the last time, jumped into the swimming pool with his clothes on to celebrate, and we hit the road. They were long days of driving, with our evenings spent spread out on big hotel beds and taking night swims at the pool. They were really good days. The kids were such excellent little travelers. And I didn't murder anyone. So overall, huge success.

Before we left, we'd decided that we'd take some extra time coming back, and stay in a little lodge near the north rim of the Grand Canyon to explore for a day. Basically our best idea ever. The lodge, which was right off the highway, was called Vermillion Cliffs and the kind of place where you play pool with a cold root beer and talk to your cook while he makes you the best burger of all time. A little dingy around the edges, with comfy beds, cool people, and a really good vibe.

These next two shots are basically a summation of their little sibling relationship.


The next morning we had an incredible breakfast, and then headed out on the scenic drive to the canyon. The north rim is not what you think of when you think of the typical Grand Canyon landscape, but if you're in the market for a Grand Canyon vacay, in my opinion, the north rim is the best. It has only 1/10th of the tourists, jaw-dropping views, and more of a one-with-nature vibe if you're into that. This is an infomercial if you were wondering.

Here comes the pictures. Bottoms up.


Have to tell you. It feels so stinking good to be back together again.


Grace Beekman said...

Cute babies, nature, root beer...sounds like your summer is off to a rockin start, girl! Love it!

Katie said...

Everett is getting so big! TOO BIG. He was barely a toddler when I started reading.

Laurie said...

We don't even know each other and I just got teary-eyed at you guys being back together again. :) my husband and kids are my favorites, too, and I just really love being with them.

Unknown said...

Gah! Breath taking views for sure. So nice to see your little family together again!

Lindsay // The Flynnigans said...

Looks like a HUGE weight has been lifted off his shoulders. So happy you guys are all reunited again, at long last. :)

chantelle said...

YAYYYY!! Tyson is back in the building.
Congrats on his graduation, and congrats to you for pulling through during the difficult time he was away. Hope you four enjoy the summer, and I can't wait to read about your next adventures!

Stephanie Skinner said...

Would you mind sharing what kind of camera and lenses you use? I'm trying to get into photography and I'd love to know!

Nikki said...

looks like a fabulous trip! and congrats on being a family of 4 again :D

xx nikki

Emily S said...

This looks like a great time! And oh, the humidity! I could just feel it when you mentioned it; not looking forward to that again in my future.

The lodge you guys stayed at looks wonderful, just so chill. I've never made it around to the north side of the Grand Canyon but it seems silly not to!

Maddie said...

congrats to tyson and your family being back together again! Love that you made a great road trip out of it and stopped in the Grand Canyon! I'm planning to go to the Grand Canyon in September, but wasn't sure if the North or South Rim was a better stop, so thanks for the tip!

<3 Maddie


Jenn Iversen said...

Last year our family of five went on a us road trip for 6 weeks. And my little one was 3 months old... she was an awesome little traveler... she also was the only one who got the most sleep!
The Pepper Express

Joana Casanova said...

This is what I call a beautiful post! looks amazing :)


Torrie Meidell said...

I've thought about you this week while my husband has been away at scout camp, leaving me at home alone with our two-month-old. I seriously have so much respect for you, handling two kids by yourself while supporting your husband as he was in grad school far away. You're amazing! And even though I don't know you personally, I'm so happy that you've been reunited with your sweetheart again. I've been a long time reader, and the blog's just not the same without the two of you together--you guys were just meant to be. Here's to a joyful summer ahead for you and your newly reunited family of four!

Rachel Melville said...

Thanks for posting such lovely pictures (again). I got my master's while pregnant w/ my third and it is because of our spouses that masters w/ children ever happen. So good job to you too! I am certain that it was hard but that's that--can you believe it done?!

Love that your Everett still has a lil lovey. That thing...is it, wink? It's been around a while!?

I like the Tiffany and Co. blue bench at the last pit stop.

Becklist said...

Miracles are real!!!!!! Cannot wait to hear what's next for you all! Congrats Tyson!

Krista said...

SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! So glad you guys are able to spend some quality time together (even if it means being squished between two car seats!) Also, I rather enjoyed the plethora of pictures. :)


Paige Cassandra Flamm said...

I'm so happy you guys are all back together again! It makes me teary just thinking of the time you guys had to spend apart from each other! You're definitely a strong woman!



Cassy B. said...

Sydney! As always, beautiful post with gorgeous pictures and soul-touching writing. Not to mention impeccable timing!

My husband and I live in Seattle and are heading on a long Southern Utah/Grand Canyon hiking trip next week. When I got home from work today my husband mentioned that we might want to book a hotel one night for a shower and mattress. I responded that I had just learned of the perfect place thanks to your blog! We are booked for a night next week! Thanks for sharing this lovely treasure!

Andrea Hartman said...

Awesome pictures! Oh my, some of them gave me the willies though, but I am sure you were 100% safe. Looks like a fun time. Must have been crazy to have your hubs far away, glad he is back with you!

Wairimu Murigi said...

Congratulations to Tyson!! Those pictures of the canyon are breathtaking.

mybeautrip .com said...

Pictures of the Canyon are amazing!



Brandilyn said...

We've been talking about road tripping to the Grand Canyon this summer! Now you're making me feel that north rim big time. Also...congratulations to you guys for being donezo!! Dave and I are both about halfway through our master's degrees and it's truly a family effort. So happy for you guys.

Candace Shiflet said...

yayyyy! and congrats!! ahh I can't even wait till my husband graduates. anddd fun little fact: i've lived in arizona basically my entire life and I've never been to the grand canyon

xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

a touch of domesticity said...

Crikey bobs. I genuinely never wanted to go to the Grand Canyon before reading your post. And now I want to go. Obviously with a child strapped to me as that is clearly the way to do it (I might just manage my four-year-old for half an hour but not the older two!)

I've been reading your blog since... gosh I don't know, probably when you were pregnant with Everett. And so I can sincerely say that I'm really, truly pleased that you're all back together again. I can tell how much happier and settled you'll feel. And as a wife of a man who once worked silly shift patterns, I know how hard it is wrangling two little ones through meals, bathtimes and bedtimes on your own. You deserve a big pat on the back and a squad of cheerleaders plus a mariachi band following you about for at least a week. x

Lyndi said...

I just had this moment as I read your blog where I thought, "You made it!" You made it through that long six months! Congrats to you and your beautiful family. :)

Samantha said...

So happy for you! These photos are stunning. I bet your little ones will love having them to look back on one day. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but living on the east coast doesn't make it easy.

Allie said...

STUNNING pictures!! Wow. I want to go to the Grand Canyon so badly. And you all made it! Congratulations!!! Enjoy your time together.

Angie said...

Impressive!wow we are so small. So good you are all together!You are a special lady!

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