how my beauty regimen has changed since moving to the desert

Tuesday, January 13

After calling the East my home for more than ten years, moving to southern Utah, land of the cactus and red rocked desert, has been a big adjustment for me in the skin and hair department. First of all, I'm a walking static machine. The hair under all of my beanies is so full of it, I swear I need to be labeled with a high voltage warning. Also, when I first got here, every morning I'd wake up with lips that had literally cracked and bled in the middle of the night. And while getting my hair done, my stylist told me that since I had left such a humid environment, oil treatments were an absolute MUST, and that a little bit of coconut oil on my ends every day would be my saving grace. That's proven true. What else has proven true is that some eczema symptoms that had once been tempered with coconut oil and steroid cream, were starting to flare up again. And my normal winter habits of washing my hands excessively, without moisturizing, were leaving them bone dry. I've never been that girl with the lotion on the kitchen counter and in her purse. But out here, I'm the girl with the lotion on the kitchen counter and in her purse. Oil and cream everywhere. All the time.
OK so while in the midst of this oil and cream fest, I found this new stuff at Target. (Where else do I shop.) It's called Skinfix. And apparently it's been around in Canada for 150 years. Like a big Canadian secret miracle paste that's just now launching in U.S. stores. And I, a U.S. of A-an, am stoked about this. I went out and bought the hand repair cream to give it a whirl after reading the reviews on it, and you guys, it's awesome. It's rich, without being slimy, and a little bit goes a loooooong ways. I don't know if it's breaking the rules to use hand cream on your face, but I totally used it on my face. Just to see if it would help with that eczema flair up. AND IT DID. I'm tossing my steroid cream! I passed the Skinfix tube around to my family to try when we were sitting around one night, and the next day after my dad was done with the dishes he was asking where the tube was so he could use it again. The man who doesn't use lotion. Wanted some more.
So! Take from that what you will.
But if you know of someone who battles eczema in any form, I'd think about picking them up a tube. Or really, anyone who is dealing with winter dryness and/or washes their hands on a semi-regular basis. I haven't come across a dry patch that it didn't improve.
Trusted for generations, Skinfix's award-winning products ensure head to toe happy and moisturized skin. Available exclusively at Target.


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