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Tuesday, January 13

Boots: Jessica Simpson, Jeans: F21, Tee: Gap, Jacket: American Eagle, Hat: Free People

1. We're in that awkward nap stage with Everett right now, where if he takes a nap, it's a luxuriously long, three-hour snooze fest from late afternoon to evening, after which he is good to go until midnight. But if he doesn't take a nap, then he absolutely must be in bed by 6:30 or heaven help all of us, followed by an early morning wake-up call at a time that I'm still in denial about. This morning after one of those wake-up calls, I'd shuffled out into the darkened house to get him a drink and the ipad (like, THANK YOU youtubers, and makers of surprise egg videos. I still don't understand it, but thumbs up) so that he could climb in bed next to Isla and me, and I could keep her asleep for a bit longer. Every sputter, cough, arm flail, and wiggle that came from Isla, Everett would lean over and ask me if baby sister was awake yet. After being incredibly patient, the waiting was just too much, so he rolled over on his belly next to her, with one hand under his chin and with the other, squeezed her cheeks until her eyes popped open. "Mama! She's awake! Baby sister woke up to play wif me!" And then, "Oh! I have an idea! I'm gonna go get my narbles (marbles)." 
They're just delicious, these two. Sorry about your cheeks Isla. And the not sleeping in. 

2. Speaking of Isla. She is my littlest roly poly. My mini Michelin man. My chunkiest chunk who ever chunked. Like I'm so lucky I could cry. We've started to introduce apples, bananas, and sweet potatoes just this last week and she downed an entire bowl full right after we'd just nursed. I mean it was a revelation really. My milk was working overtime allllll the time, and it never seemed to be quite enough. And then SOLIDS! So sit back, breasts. Relax. Take a load off. Put your feet up. We are ALL going to enjoy this.

3. I called Tyson this afternoon to initially ask him about a bill, but then we ended up having some time to just talk. Most of his face-time calls since leaving have been absorbed by our babies. Everett drilling Tyson's face with his tool kit and what not, and Tyson reading him a bed time story or getting close-ups of Isla's extraordinary cheeks. And then an hour will have passed and it's back to work for him, and a bedtime routine for me. But while talking to him this afternoon, Isla slept on my shoulder and it was just us. There's something about having only the ability to talk to each other, that makes our conversations seem more meaningful, and intimate, and not the word precious, but you know, precious in a way. I married a really good man. And it's so fun, to be able to know someone deeply. So inside and out. And then on occasion, still get taken aback by who they are. 

4. I am currently undergoing a welcome brainwashing. A lifestyle change if you will. A tournament of wills. Trying to bring energy back into my life one green thing at a time. No that's dramatic. But I moved in with my dad see, so I LITERALLY HAVE NO CHOICE LIKE THERE IS NO CEREAL IN THE CUPBOARD. No, it's fine. It's FINE.
I think the green things are working. I mean I'm not in bed right now, so.

5. I'm writing this at 12:30 in the morning. So just barely 5 minutes ago, I heard the slow squeak of Everett's door opening. One squeak. Anoooother squeak. "Mama!" he scream whispered, and I ran into him to see what was up. "Mama, I had good dreams!" "Oh good, I'm so glad!" I replied. I gave him a squeeze and told him it wasn't time to get up yet, and made some attempts to send him back to his bed. But the "can I sleep wif you's?" persisted. And won. So now I have two babies in my bed waiting for me. The placement of my body for a stealthy slide-in, I have yet to figure out. But goodnight to you. May the force be with me this night. 


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