our christmas morning

Thursday, December 25


Merry Christmas!!! It was such a good one. Last year we had one baby in the family, and this year we had three. The morning belonged to them. Last Christmas, about this exact time of day, I had my sister drive me over to the 24 hr Walgreens on a hunch. I picked up a pregnancy test while my sister asked me incredulously if I was pregnant. I casually diverted the question with something about always wanting to have a stock of pregnancy tests on hand, just in case, no biggie. Essentially a lie. But a Christmas lie! Ho ho ho.
We returned to the house and I snuck off to the bathroom. With a pounding heart, and shaking hands I emerged and passed my husband who was reading on the couch, to ask my dad if he had any extra boxes leftover from that morning. He did. I went to find the extra wrapping paper and bows and wrapped up the proof of the gift we'd been hoping for the most, and a note congratulating him as a father of TWO. I ran, excitedly out of breath from the bedroom, feigning forgetfulness about this one. last. present. And now a year later, here she is! Our best Christmas gift ever. A four-month-old miniature elf.
Every Christmas I'm pretty sure that nothing could possibly top the day we had together. And every year I'm wrong again. JOY TO THE WORLD.

Merry Christmas you guys!
And P.S. isn't my mom the best Christmas morning photographer ever??


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