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Wednesday, December 24

 Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens (clothing swap), Jeans: H&M, Tee: Target, Bag: c/o World Wide Textiles, Hat: F21, Coat: ASOS

Greetings from the land of the cactus! We did it. We moved. There are not enough back rubs in the world that could get me to relive the stress of the past couple months again, but two household setups later, here we are, enjoying our last little while together before Tyson returns to his cozy studio in Austin. In case you missed it (amongst alllllll the posting I've been doing lately ;)) we'll be living apart for the next six months. You can read about the why in this post. And even though I know it's only for six months, and we'll get to see each other for a weekend each month, every time I think about dropping him off at the airport I want to cry. Let's not talk about it!

There was a moment during our move. It was late, on our second day of driving, and we were just getting settled into our hotel room. It'd been nothing but tiny spaces, and poop leakage, and spit up, and too much gas station junk food, and keeping babies happy in the car way past the point that babies should be happy in the car. I had set Isla down against a pillow on the bed so that she could watch Everett jump on the other side, and they were probably the happiest people in the entire world right then. Tyson had just finished bringing our bags in, and set them down with a grin on his face as he watched the kids, and said something to the effect of, "MAN, look at this. We're like, real parents." He reached over to pull me in to him, trying to share in the surrealism of reaching the "two kids playing on the bed in a hotel room" milestone. It could have been a beautiful bonding moment. Yes, yes, aren't they cute playing over there? Oh yes, a nice long hug would be great right now. But actually, see I have this clean underwear here in my hand and I'm going to back slowly into the bathroom and turn on the shower, and if another person touches me at any point within the next five minutes, so help me!
You know.
So anyway, I did have the next five minutes. And there was this exquisite shower head. I swear it was designed to lull you to sleep. Or at the very least, lower your efficiency rate. Like being covered in the warmest blanket on the coldest day. What does it say about me that this is my fifth sentence talking about a shower head?
So I get out, wet haired and blissified, and there's Everett and Isla, one in each bed. All settled and ready for sleep, and as Tyson and I climb in with each of them and turn out the light, we decide that Brad and Angelina are our spirit animals and we should totally get the biggest bed in the world and snuggle our babies forever and ever. I still haven't decided if it was the fluffy hotel pillows or the silky hotel sheets that convinced us that that was the best idea ever. But it was the best nights sleep that you could possibly have with four people in one room, and a bright spot in our travels.

P.S. Merry Christmas Eve to you and you and you! I'm so excited for tomorrow morning with a three-year-old I can't even tell you.


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