I wish everything in this post wasn't true

Friday, November 14

Shoes: F21, Jeans: MiH Jeans, Belt: Thrifted, Tee: TJMaxx, Sunglasses: Target, Hat: UO

This whole thing is just going to be embarrassing.

The other day the doorbell rings so I go to open it. It's a friend. "Hi! Hey did you get my voice mail?" No I didn't, I didn't get her voice mail. She hands over my debit card. She'd found it in a parking lot. I'd been looking for that thing everywhere, and had cancelled it just the night before. Must check voice mail! Just then, Everett runs around the corner, and as I'm talking to this friend further, I see it. Like a brief flash across her face: sympathy. Or pity maybe. But probably down right, man I feel bad for you. And I realize what she's looking at. There's me, in my husband's t-shirt and a pair of leggings, makeup less and trying to hide my bra-lessness with my baby. My toddler runs around the corner, having just stripped himself of all his clothes, and hides behind my legs. And there's a pile of moving boxes and a bunch of other crap overflowing into the entryway. And I realize: OMG I'm that mom. I'm that crazy mom right now with the baby and the naked toddler answering the door in my husband's t-shirt. I swear it's like an out of body experience, looking down on that moment and asking yourself WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

And then.
Earlier in the week I had a dentists appointment, so I loaded the kids up in the car and 10 minutes later, I'm turning into our church parking lot. Exact opposite direction of the dentist. Then last night, I went to make myself a cup of tea and cooked an empty mug in the microwave for two minutes.

Is this what two kids does to your brain? Should I be sharing these things with the internet?! No! Probably not! But I feel a little bit obligated because this outfit photo is sort of like a big hilarious inside joke. So wink wink. I'm in the middle of moving, I have a toddler and a two month old, and this is what I wore a few weeks ago before my brain sprouted wings and flew very far away.


Unknown said...

Well you are looking fantastic! My mom always jokes about me having "toddleritis" as she calls it..lol! So there you go! Have a great day!

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