Thursday, October 30


Today you are three my little sunshine. My ever observant, ever gentle, ever curious boy. You love screwdrivers and flashlights more than any toy, and your bubbly giggle is your trademark. Your words have started to pour out of you, delighting me daily with the sentences you put together from the things you're observing around you. Every day you ask me, "hey mama, wanna play wif me?" and every day I do. We play hide and go seek, we play dominoes, we play blocks and chase, and Legos and trains, and I'm immersed in your little world. You ARE my world little boy. Every day your dad and I look at each other and just shake our heads, amazed at you and how funny and smart and beautiful you are. You became a big brother this year, and my heart has grown 10 times in size watching you love your little sister and take care of her in the best ways you know how. I told you today, while I was squeezing you tight, that you would always be my baby. But you told me that you weren't a baby, you were just Everett. And you're right, you know. You don't have to be my baby and you don't have to be my big boy either. You're just Everett, in all the just right ways. I'm so lucky that you're mine. Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy!


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