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Monday, August 11

Just thought I'd list out a few things that have been helpful/awesome/above average for the past 9 months! If there's anything else that you've found absolutely essential during your own pregnancy, I'd love to hear in the comments! If you're an expert on insomnia, for example.

1. Bump Nest Body Pillow - Every night when I'm diving into bed, this beautiful thing is there to welcome me and keep my husband's spoon-happy arms and legs in check so that I can do all my not sleeping in peace. It's designed to slide right under your leg to keep your hips even, and also hug your back to keep you sleeping on your side the whole night. I don't know how I did my first pregnancy without it.

2. Yoga - OK. So I feel a little sheepish putting this here, because I was not one of those gung-ho work out every day of your pregnancy girls. BUT. On the days that I did get around to spending some time on my yoga mat, I would always wonder why I didn't make time to get there more often. Especially as I moved from the second trimester to the third, and experienced most of my hip and back pain. Sometimes at random parts of the day, my hips will get stuck and I won't be able to walk, so I'll get down on my hands and knees and do a few hip opening exercises that I learned in class, and it's made the biggest difference for me! The site, Do Yoga With Me is the greatest. Tons of free yoga vids for all those who prefer their living room to a gym.

3. Coconut Water - One new thing that I've experienced with this pregnancy is shin splints. My mother-in-law turned me toward bananas in the hopes that the potassium would help combat them, buuuuuut, I've had a banana loathing problem since the age of 5. Unless said bananas are in bread form. So I was thrilled to find out that coconut water has three times the potassium that bananas do and I've been chugging them ever since. The stuff works!

4. L'Occitane Pure Organic Shea Butter - This is a product that I've been using since I was first pregnant with Everett. It doesn't have a smell, so it's great to use during morning sickness. And I know that stretch marks are in my genes, but I've faithfully slathered this on my belly, lower back, and breasts every day and it's kept them away. I go through about two per pregnancy, with the second tin going shockingly faster than the first -- it's like rubbing down a watermelon every night.

5. Rainbow Light Prenatal One Vitamins - Everyone has different prenatal vitamins that they like for different reasons, but my sister recommended this brand to me after she'd gone through her pregnancy, and I've LOVED them. They're vegan, natural, and have probiotics & enzymes so that you don't necessarily have to take them with a meal and they digest super easily.

6. Coobie Bras - I wish I'd known about these sooner! I recently went to the twitter for recommendations on nursing bras, and was turned on to these. They're not specifically for nursing, but they're a one-size-fits-all bra?? Those exist I guess? I don't understand how, but oh jeeze are they comfy. And supportive. And flexible for pull-down during future nursing. And with the whole one-size-fits-all thing, they sort of grow with you for the 10 different breast sizes of pregnancy and post pregnancy. And cheap guys! They're cheap! There are so many "and's" in this paragraph.

7. Siblings Without Rivalry - With my first pregnancy, I devoured several pregnancy/labor/baby care books. This time, I only got around to reading one book and this was it. Cannot recommend it enough. There were so many ah-ha moments about my own childhood, and several antidotes I've already started using with Everett, that have made me feel so much more in-tune with his feelings and eased some of his two-year-old communication hang-ups. Tyson and I have switched off reading each chapter, and it's sparked so many great conversations about how we want to delve into this world of raising two little human beings together.

8. Maxi Dresses - When I'm looking for new clothing during my pregnancies, I've tried to stick with pieces that I can wear both during and after my pregnancy -- just because I have a hard time spending money on something that will only cater to a few months of wear. Thanks to the slouchy top / maxi dress trends, I've been able to find non-maternity clothing that's worked perfectly and comfortably, even up until now, just a couple weeks shy of my due date. I also haven't worn real pants in 4 months.

9. Sea Bands - These saved my life during the first trimester. This pregnancy has been different than Everett's in so many ways, but the morning/all-day sickness was the biggest. It wiped me out. My midwives prescribed some anti-nausea medicine, but the side effect was that it made me dizzy, which seemed counter productive. So I wore these Sea Bands instead, which use acupuncture to combat nausea. I won't say that they cured everything, but they at least let me take care of Everett on a partially-functional level. But you guys he watched so many movies this January. Oy.


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