if this was my first

Wednesday, August 13

If this was my first rodeo, and that was Everett in there instead of our little girl, this morning, I would have given birth. Envisioning what Everett looked like on this day, makes her this gloriously clear reality in my mind. There's a fully formed little button nose in there, and a frog belly, the tiniest fingers I've ever seen, and maybe those beautiful almond eyes that her brother had. We made it, me and her! And for now, she's still snug as a bug. This time, we're going to have a full term baby. Which means that this time I won't have an itchy monitor velcroed around my belly during the throes of labor. Joy and rejoicing all around! My braxton hicks are frequent and strong, and she's dropped low into my hips, but every morning Tyson says, "I think you can do it babe. I think you can make it another week, don't you? Just don't have her until next week. Friday! I bet you can make it til Friday." Rah, rah, cheerleader pom-poms, etc. It's a really motivating speech, that I'm sure will have lots of bearing on when I actually go into labor. ;) Tyson's birthday is next Friday, so that's what he'd like -- to share that day with his baby forever and ever. We shall see what she thinks about this plan.


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