happy birthday tyson!

Friday, August 22

This is Everett's favorite picture I think. He digs it out occasionally from the bottom of the desk drawer, holds it to his forehead, hides it down his shirt, balances it in the palm of his hand while walking "reallllly carefully mama", the regular things that one does with a picture. When I ask him who that is in the picture he says, "Iss daddy when he was an Everett."
Today is his birthday, this fine guy of ours. And today, we're bidding adieu to the 28 and welcoming in the 29 with NOT a trip to the hospital apparently. No, no, no, this baby does not believe in sharing birthdays. (No really, I get it. It's fine.) Instead, we're doing the obvious next best thing, which would be driving exactly one hour to go pick up the very best red velvet cream cheese cake that birthday card money can buy.
Happy birthday to you, baby! I'm having such a good time spending my life with you.


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