a tale of two Winks

Friday, August 15

The time has come for the swapping of the Winks. The passing of the best friendship torch from one owl to the other, under strict orders to love a boy. The Wink you see on the right there, with the concave chest, tattered pocket, faded fabric and unseen hole on the side of his pants where his stuffing is coming out, is the Wink we got for Everett as soon as he was born. So that's what almost three years of love, companionship, and excessive trips through the washer/dryer looks like. The Wink on the left is his replacement. I was a little concerned that when I snuck the old Wink away to be kept in his keepsake box, and presented the new Wink to Everett, that there would be an initial rejection. But when he saw the new Wink, he exclaimed, "Winky got biiiiigger. He's a big boy! Like Everett." We inspected him for a while. Checked out his fancy new pocket. Got some scissors to cut the care tags off his back, flopped his big "crazy hair" around for a while, squeezed him tight, and gave him a drink of milk. Later when we were in Everett's room getting him dressed, he pushed the new Wink's head down, so that it looked like he was hanging his head. "Mama. Winky's sad. Winky is CRYING." I asked him why he was crying. "Winky wanna be little again. No wanna be a big boy." So I said, "Oh he does? He doesn't want to be big anymore?" Everett furrowed his brow and shook his head and then pulled Wink into his shoulder to give him a hug. Then all of a sudden he pulled Wink back from him and pushed the yarn out of his eyes. "Iss OK Winky! Everett's a big boy. Blankie is a big boy. Garbage truck is a big boy. Everyyyyyybody's a big boy!" He thrust Wink out to me with a grin, "Wink, Mama. Makin him happy!"
They take real good care of each other, those two. 


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