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Sunday, July 13

If we were to dive way back into the archives of 2010, you would see my bath-robed self endorsing a new set of face-wipes from the Yes to Cucumber line to … probably just my mom, most loyal reader that she is. I still love those things to this day, so when I got the chance to partner with Target on their Made to Matter, Handpicked by TargetTM campaign, I was super pumped in a blogish Kumbaya, great circle-of-life kind of way, to find out that I would get the chance to speak with the co-founder of the Yes To line, Ido Leffler.

Immediately after getting on the phone with Ido, we were talking about our families. His wife is expecting their third little girl not long after we’re expecting ours, and he quickly credited whatever small background noise to his two-year-old, which made me feel better that I probably wouldn’t be the only one on the phone nodding silently to a toddler’s request for a second bag of goldfish.

We spoke briefly about my personal skin-care regimen. And the thing about it is … right now my skin care is unpurposefully minimal at best. A nice way of saying that I really don’t have one besides wiping off my make-up at night, putting a little coconut oil on my face, and hitting the sack. And that’s IF I get around to make-up that day, har har har. While talking with Ido, he emphasized that the Made to Matter, Handpicked by TargetTM products make it easy to achieve a really simple care routine. It’s not necessarily about transforming, but rather taking one step up. Just making one better decision for yourself and your family each day.

His main inspiration behind creating a natural beauty product line came as a customer, as he and his wife looked for products that met their needs. They wanted to find a natural beauty brand, designed for a mainstream audience, with products that made you feel amazing about yourself and branding that felt approachable and comfortable, which is what they ended up creating with Yes To. He said, “The benefit from using products that are more natural is simple. Whatever you put in your body, you also want to be putting on your body. Skin absorbs. Yes To is like fruit for your skin – it’s as much of a food product as it is a cosmetic product."

Ido mentioned that the founders within the beauty category share this idea as a united goal – to give people healthier and better choices for their life and families. It’s a common bond that breaks competitive boundaries. Ido mentioned, “Even before this campaign, ours was already a Made to Matter home.” Their girls love the taste of Annie’s and Plum products. They’ve consistently used method hand soap and dish detergent and seventh generation diapers.

“The whole campaign is exciting. The Target guest can walk into a store and discover all these products in one location, and they’re all accessible, affordable and innovative. They’re something you can truly be proud to bring into your home.”


Over the past little while, I've had the fun opportunity to try out a number of beauty products from the natural-conscious companies involved in Made to Matter, Handpicked by TargetTM campaign and throughout the next few weeks, I'll be sharing my thoughts on what I learned and my favorites from each line. Can't wait!

This post is sponsored by Target. The Made To Matter line has been handpicked by Target to bring you brands that make things better for your you, your family, and the place we all call home. 


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