fun dips

Tuesday, July 8

Shoes: F21, Dress: Target, Vest: H&M, Sunglasses: ASOS

The other day Everett and Tyson ran out to the store together. When they came back through the front door, I could hear Tyson rustle through a grocery bag and whisper to Everett "go give mama her present", followed by Everett's feet running down the hallway. Plopped in my lap was a giant pile of Fun Dips. You know, the little candy packs that would do very well at 6-year-old birthday party? Everett picked them out. "Surprise, Mama!"

Only two-years-old and the kid has already figured out the secrets to life. 
1. Sour trumps chocolate. 
2. Always, always return home with something to eat for the pregnant lady. 

Are my teeth blue?


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