Monday, June 23

Shoes: Converse, Dress: Free People {similar}, Belt: Thrifted, Top: F21, Glasses: ASOS

The good news for today, is that with the baby's ever-increasing measurements from my latest ultrasound, my due date has been moved up. By one whole day! Isn't that great? If only due dates meant something. The even better news is that during that latest visit, we were surprised with a 3D ultrasound of our little girl's sweet face. The chub in her cheeks has been confirmed, with her brother's beautiful button-y nose sitting squarely between the squish. But even better than THAT, was showing said 3D ultrasound to her grandparents, who were plum blown out of the water by such technologies. Their reaction alone might fly me straight through til August. Well fly is probably not the right word. Waddle, lumber, plod, galumph, clomp, blunder. One of those. I think I like galumph the best. Yes, their reaction alone might allow me to galumph straight through til August with a smile on my face.


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