white night

Tuesday, May 6

sunglasses: H&M, shoes: F21, jeans: H&M, blouse: F21, hat: Free People

This is what I wore last Friday, when Tyson and I went to dinner downtown in this old colonial house that had recently been converted into a restaurant. It was delicious, our server was the sweetest, and we held hands and talked about baby names and plans for next year while we ate. {It is a rare treat to combine a meal with intertwined fingers, as lately even a conversation between the two of us is interrupted by a boy smooshing my cheeks together between his hands while he moves in so close that his eyes are about an inch from mine, exclaiming, mama! mama! mama! until I stop talking to Tyson and acknowledge him. As soon as I say, "yes? Hi Everett", he'll say, "Hiiiii!" and squeeze my neck. That's it. Just hi haha.} After dinner, we walked a few blocks over to a dinner theater to listen to the indie rock bands, Mellowdime and Nelo. It was a really small theater, with only a few tables scattered throughout, so once the bands started playing, the music filled you up and the whole setting felt so intimate. My back was starting to ache on the bar stools we were sitting on, so after a few songs, I pulled my seat in front of Tyson's and rested my body into his while he meshed his fingers together under the weight of my belly. It was so comfortable, sitting like that, picking out our favorite songs while they played. We left at the end of the night using the leftover beats in our heads to dance in the parking lot before heading home.


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